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Hamstring Injury


Repetitive Tears/pulls/strains in the biceps femoris, adductor magnus, and gracilis. In the last few years I have had at least half a dozen injuries. Probably closer to a full dozen.. Anyone got any advice?
Oh, and It usually occurs during running/sprinting. Anything explosive tends to aggravate it. Dead-lifts a few times.

I am in the service so I do a lot of running for physical training. as far as other injuries I have taken. Over use injuries such as repetitive ankle rolls and what not.. Went through physical therapy for both.. But I was just out of physical therapy like 2 weeks ago for my hammy and I was running a PT test Tuesday and on the last 50 ft or so I pulled my Right biceps femoris again when I tried to open my stride up. I understand that it may be only a mater of properly rebuilding them after so many injuries I am looking for more advice

I have changed my Leg routines up to so that I always start my Hams first in hopes that I will get some greater strength and flexibility gains from them.

my routine from last week looks like this.
10min cardio warm up stationary bike
Stiff leg deadlifts: 135x15, 185x8,185x8
Uni Standing Leg Curls: 95x12, 95x12, 95x12, 95x12,
Lying Leg Curls: 65x15, 95x12, 95x12, 95x12,
Walking Lunges: 100x10each leg,100x10each leg,100x10each leg,
Squats: 225x15, 275x3, 315x9, 315x9, 315x9, 315x9,
Leg Press: 360x30, 405x30,405x30,405x30,405x30,
Leg Ext: 60x30,60x30,60x30,60x30,60x30,
10min cardio cool down stationary bike with protein shake in hand..

I went home and picked up a book and jumped right on my tread mill to try and move out some lactice acid.. I walked for about an hour..
I noticed a bit of discomfort from my biceps femoris durring my training but nothing Really serious.


I'm about a 2 on a scale of 1-10 for expertise compared to any of the authors and big posters here, but assume you'd take any advice at this point as a starting point. If it were me, here's what I would do:

1 - After you're warm and loose, during your stretching, be sure to hit the hip flexors (reciporical inhibition). I deal w/ tight hammies from sitting all day, and have found that "toy soldiers" dynamic warm up helps quite a bit as well as straight leg, heel up on a chair or bench (takes the low back stress out of the stretch).

2 - In your case, I would not start w/ SLDL, I'd finish w/ them (in the bent over position - hips flexed, knees extended = hamstring maximally stretched). I stretch when I get ready for a sprint workout, BUT before I get down with the get down, I do activation drills (A-skips, knees to butt, etc) to get the muscles firing quickly, etc... REVERSING SOME OF THE EFFECT THE STRETCH HAS ON THE MUSCLE. My thought - do you want to load up the walking lunge or squat after you've been stretching the hamstring w/ SLDL (similar idea as my sprints... if I didn't do the activations, I'd be leaving some fast twitch fibers on the sidelines during the workout due to turning them off w/ the stretches.)?

3 - It seems like you're reps are astronomical (and I do get the "slow twitch" leg sled argument, time under tension, etc, but in your case, if you're dealing w/ a nagging bodypart, no sense in grinding on it), but just a thought. Check out some of Christian's Thib's. stuff.

As long as Eric Minor or one of the moderators doesn't come on here and slap the taste out of my mouth for being out of line, I think you can scoop a few thoughts from this? Any change is going to be worth trying right now, right?


Hell yeah. thanks for the food for thought.. I'll def be trying these stretches from now on.