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Hamstring Injury


sorry if this is the wrong forum, i am new to the site...

so i started doing the natural glute ham raise (from the floor). the first week i only did 4 half reps. the next week i knocked out 10 full reps with a couple attempts to failure. since that time i have been playing plenty of sports with no pain... however my hamstrings (especially my left one) has a constant feeling of tightness. how do i distinguish between a tight hamstring and a strained hamstring?

my third week doing the natural glute ham raise, my hamstrings (especially the left) felt weak and i only did 4 half the way down. my forth week when i tried doing it my hamstrings felt quite bad, and my left hamstring immediately cramped up and was very tight for a couple of days.

why would my hamstring get worse with time not better? thoughts on treating it? thanks.


do dynamic warm-ups before u workout and make sure to static stretch at the end of ur workout (especially tight muscles like ur hamstrings)


i do dynamic warm up, and i do light stretches. though again, if i can’t distinguish between a strained and a tight hamstring, i can’t stretch it (cause stretching a strained hamstring will make it worse). also i’ll add i do foam rolling.


You say you have been doing lots of sports too, simply put you’ve overtrained your hamstring.
You can rarely do any form of sprinting when you’re doing GHR’s. Personally I used to do everything at once and suffered a ridiculous amount of ham strains. Now I organise the training into blocks and have no problems.

Block 1: Intense weights + plyometrics (No sprinting)

Block 2: Sprinting + maintainence weights (No direct hamstring work, mainly squats)