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Hamstring Injury Deadlifting

Hey guys, tonight I strained my left hamstring pulling 645 (I pull conventional) its weight I’ve pulled many times before but tonight I felt a pop multiple times after I broke it off the floor. I put it down immediately. I’m able to walk but limp but it’s definitely soar. I iced it also.

Without knowing for sure what’s wrong with my hamstring, has anybody else experienced something like this before and were you able to eventually return to where you were and eventually even increase your deadlift strength again? This has never happened to me before and I was getting on a roll gaining my strength back again and it’s pretty discouraging.

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You know what you did right? You fucked up. - training day.

Why not just google it, there are a lot of youtube videos of other people fucking up. The pop is common. I did it at 405 lbs. the injury is so common that I don’t pull from the floor anymore. I do rack-pulls from 3 inch below my knee.