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Hamstring Inhibition

In mid july i got a level 2 hamstring pull from sprints and was unable to lift maximally for about a month. i was going on about 7 months of hard lifting (with no type of training before this time) and got up to a 360 squat / 345 deadlift with a 31.5 in. standing vert. i’ve been lifting hard since i returned back to health and i don’t feel any pain in my hamstrings or anything and i’ve been stretching them good as well as doing more stretching to my hip flexors but my lifts suck (315 lb. max squat) and i lost 7 inches on my vert. i was j.w peoples thoughts to this and if there’s been similar cases for other ppl and how long i should except my performance to be below what i was capable of b4 and if this is normal after an injury even if it feels like it should be back to 100%?