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Hamstring Imbalance During Deadlifting


During deadlifts, my right hamstrings would get worked more than my left ones. In this way, my right hamstrings have become more stronger than my left. I've tried varying my stance but it's still the same. Any recommendations on how I should correct this?


one leg may be longer than the other. How do you know the other hamstring is stronger?


Few ideas, I felt the same hamstring imbalance when I first started getting serious about DLs.

  • Check your form. Are your hands spaced out evenly on the bar? One side may have more weight on it. Is the bar staying close to your shins evenly on both sides? At lockout, are your shoulders level? I noticed little things in my form and once I fixed it, I didn't feel like one ham was getting worked more.

  • Do you do any other supplemental ham work? RDLs, SLDLs, or Glute Ham Raises will help you get a better feel for how your hams should work. It'll actually give you a stronger regular DL.

  • If all else fails, do one legged leg curls on the machines. (ugh)

Hope this helps a bit.


Do one-legged DB Deadlifts.


Sumoboy, great tips.
check one more thing, if you are using an alternate grip, make sure you space yourself on the bar not by your finger position, but by the center of your wrist. It's a small thing, but as the weight gets heavier, it makes a huge difference.



I second that. 1 Leg DB deadlifts are a great exercise that would really help you fix that imbalance. be sure to work the weak leg first


I can feel it. My right hamstrings get sore post exercise while my left ones don't, which suggests to me that my right hamstrings did more work than my left ones. During unilateral leg curls, my right leg can last longer than my left one.

I've actually been doing SLDLs with knees slightly bent, not regular DLs (regular is where you start with thighs parallel to the ground, right?). I'm able to lift more with SLDL than regular, if that's worth mentioning.

I don't understand what you mean by spacing myself by the center of the wrist or by finger position.

For those of you who suggested one-legged DB DLs, should they be SL or regular? Any set/rep range I should stay in?

Thanks for all the responses.