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Hamstring, Groin, Quad Strains

I have been having problems with my hamstrings, quadriceps, and groins over the last few years. Every time I play football I pull something even if i have been feeling fine for an hour or so then something would go again.

Currently undergoing an intense stretching routine, even incorporating some of defrancos stretches also, including hip flexor, quad, adductor long and short, and general hip mobility. I am also using a foam roller.

I have just come across some interesting information, and this explains that the latest research shows that there are only 2 factors regarding likeliness of hamstring strains which are age and previous injury. What are your thoughts. They also mentioned that scar tissue cannot be broken down fully. If this is the case then my whole hamstrings with be scar tissue and I will never get back to anywhere near sprinting full speed again.

Any thoughts welcome???

I think previous injury is only a factor because it shows that you are prone to it. I was always one prone to hamstring injuries.

Things that make you prone to it in my opinion are Heat/Cold, Sweat Rate/Fluid replacement, Electrolyte balance, recovery, and running technique.

Fixing a pulled muscle is not as simple as stretching. The real reason people stretch is it gives an immediate feeling that is doing something. I’m not saying stretching is bad but it needs to be thought about more. I used to stretch like crazy when I had one. Always took longer to heal. Best bet for me static stretching once, or twice a week cold. Dynamic stretching while warm 3 or 4 days a week. Very light leg curls superset with single leg deadlift where I feel a stretch. You can try foam rolling, ART or Self Massage on off days. Most people do them wrong so it doesn’t matter when you do it, but if you do it right where your actually going borderline point of pain you definitely need to rest afterward.