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Hamstring Flexibility Issues

So I injured in my lower back while deadlifting standing on a box. The logic: If I´m weak at the bottom and strong at the lock-out of a deadlift, I´ll stand on a box to pull through the weak point. Having a job where I sit all day and comming home to sit the rest of the day, my flexibility reflected that position. So with short hamstring and not quite active glutes, my lower back took a hit. The scans show nothing injury whise, so theres nothing wong with my spine. It´s the illiasocral joint at the bottom of my spine.

What tequnikes can I use to increase range of motion in the deadlift. And lengthen/increase flexibility in my hamstrings? Is dailu static streching and foamrolling all that needs to be done?

Thanks =)

Also, I´ll attatch a video that shows where my tequnike is off. If anyone can see from the video where the weakness might lie, I´d be gratefull for your input. It´s like maxing on romanian deadlifts, though I didn´t know that untill I filmed it. Could it be weak quads and over active hamstrings? I am pretty shure my glutes arent fiering properly. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1t4gqmkBnDs

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watching…waiting for lower back to explode all over the wall

edit: Your glutes are not firing because your are not driving your hips through. I heard it’s best to think of the deadlift as a 2 part, push-pull lift. First you pull from the floor then push your hips into the bar. Hump the bar like its your job. At lock out your shoulders and upper back are rounded forward, work on scapular retraction, or lower the weight and practice correct form.

Noted Thanks. Thing is, I actually thought I had good tequnike untill I filmed it. It is horrifying to wach in retrospect.

What does a guy do to un-round the lumbar spine during these types of lifts? What are the causes for its rounding?

If you’re sitting all day chances are your hip flexors are shortened which can inhibit glute activation. Focus on stretching those throughout the day and it might actually help with hip extensor (glutes/hamstrings) inactivity or tightness.