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Hamstring exercises

I work out in a school gym with a ton of free weights and barbells, but no reverse hyper or glute-ham bench. Having been advised to substitute RDLs for reverse hypers, what sort of exercises are left to do as hamstring work? I have done “natural” GHRs, but reading through various posts, I have come to discover that they are a poor alternative to the real deal. Any suggestions for exercises, or articles that I may have missed or forgotten about? Thanks.

I think the article was written by Christian Thibeadeau…called “The painful seven”…has some great hammy exercises.

Go to elitefts.com also they have a whole list of replacement exercises for the GHR and reverse hyper. Good luck

Do you have any bands? If so doing band curls for the hammies works great! Plus you just need a bench to sit on and something to attach the band to.