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Hamstring Dominant - Glute Activation


I am having trouble contracting my right glute without my hamstring cramping up. In all lower body exercises involving the hips my hamstring is working overtime to compensate for my lazy glute. This only happens on my right side.

I have tried prone isometric contractions for the right side but my hamstring still turns on even when I am not moving my leg at all. I have also tried holding the muscle to try to make it turn on but my hamstring seems to be doing all of the work. Any suggestions?


Well, firstly, I had this issue, in that if I even did glute bridges, my hams would cramp up before glutes got tired.

I had to shorten ROM.
I had to focus on the glute squeeze.
As the antagonist, I would contract the quad HARD and do straight leg glute activations.
I would envision flexing the glute from a stretch, such as trying to make the glute 'pop' while seated at work (thankfully this is not noticeable, I do not work as a stripper!)
I do glute activation (single leg bridges, having progressed a la this: http://www.myfittube.com/video.aspx?id=236) every day in the morning.

It's all good now.


thank you for the response. I just stood up and did the straight leg glute squeeze whilst contracting my quad and it seemed to work a lot better than the other stuff i have been doing.

The link you posted is broken. I know what a single leg bridge is. What is the progression from that called?


Sorry mate,

basically, google 'brijesh patel glute bridge progression'

Gray Cook also has thoughts about how to progress glute bridges.

Basically, you've done well to acknowledge an asymmetry, now you can crush the easier variations for your weaker side, progress, until they are equal. Won't take long. I've found frequency (like I said, 5x week in the morning) is key.


Thanks heaps


Try clams. I have glute firing issues but I'm able to activate them pretty effectively with that exercise.


I have the same thing with my leg imbalance but mine is due to either shorter leg or a structural thing going on with my pelvic bone, I need to have it checked out with a PT. It hasn't caused any pain or anything but in regards to lifting, i've tried unilateral execises and plenty of glute activations but the imbalance still remains although i've made strides to reduce the imbalance in the gym.

But I'm guessing this thread is about lazy glutes and not due to anatomical differences.