Hamstring Development for Sports

When using Good Mornings or similar and I lower into a stretch postion before the contraction I get more soreness the next day. Im wondering if this is beneficial in conditioning the hamstrings in the GPP or prehab. phase against the soreness that can occur when sprinting fast.

On top of this im sure the hams will develop stronger when training for a little soreness, as with any muscle.

I believe sprint coach Charlie Francis has previously stated that a correctly implemented weights program for a sprinter should not be regularly causing any DOMS at all.

Unfortunately I haven’t been training for sprinting long enough yet to give you any advice on this based on my own personal experience.

I will be interested to see what those who actually have significant first hand experience in training for sprinting have to say.

As with any training program, you are going to experience some DOMS when you start a new exercise. Once your body becomes accustomed to it, you may still be experienceing soreness, but you shouldn’t have the DOMS type.

If you are talking about off season training, this soreness is not a problem. At this time you are obviuosly just trying to get your hams as strong as possible.

I’m guessing you are training your sprints pretty hard at this time of year, though. I definitely would not recommend lifting weights to the point of soreness, especially with regards to the hamstrings. The biggest reasons why are because you are going to compromise your form if you are running with sore hamstrings, leading to poor technique. You are also training with your hamstrings in a sore, weakened, and tight state which is just asking for a pulled muscle when sprinting.

Hi guys,

I would only train to soreness in the off season for a few weeks when sprinting frequency is reduced. I would also not sprint until any soreness had disappeared.

When possible I would sprint before weights but on the same day so that I can have a decent rest period before next using the hams to such extent.

It seems there have been studies indicating that a slow Eccentric motion to an exercise will contribute more to soreness. With GMs its very likely you are doing a slow lowering motion, increasing the amount of DOMS, this however is a tough exercise. to do quickly so maybe there are some other exercise you could do instead.

Also as Tedro pointed out, starting something new will cause alot of soreness till you adapt to it.

I don’t see a problem with your plan.

Also, make sure your working the hamstrings at the knee. GHR’s are king for this.