Hamstring Curl Video/Article: Medial vs Lateral Hamstrings?

Hi CT, i watched your hamstring vid about toes in toes out and torso up. question is is there any ratio of working your medial hamstring vs lateral hamstring? any test to know if someone is weak in some area?

BTW, the cue toes in and toes out really refers to the hip position (internally rotated vs. externally rotated). Just pointing your toes in or out doesn’t change anything if you keep your legs in the same position.

Well you can simply test your 3RM (using a 3 sec eccentric and non explosive concentric) on both positions and see which one is weaker. And try to balance both as much as possible.

thanks coach, i understand the actual rotation is necessary - however i find it hard to get my ‘toes in’ - internally rotated

Tight glutes?

possibly, just feels weird… toes out feels a little more natural

I’m the same way but I have a naturally “toes out” posture. So to me “neutral” almost feels turned inward and it is likely enough to get the proper training effect

okay good to know, thanks again!