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Hamstring Cramps During Chin-ups

Anybody else experience the back of their legs/knees locking-up during chinups? I try to pull with an arch to my back, and pull my elbows to my sternum in a row-motion, when doing chinups. I keep my knees bent more than 90 degrees, and I often have to straighten my leg mid-chinup to ward-off a cramp behind my knees. I have never had leg cramps during any other back movements. The problem is exacerbated post-leg-day. Did I permanently miswire my MMC and my brain thinks my hammy is my lat? Curious if anyone else has had issues like this?

For reference sake: I am doing 3-4 sets of 8-12 chinups, on a lackadaisical schedule, while killing time at work.

Yes, eventually you will rewire yourself and when you try to flex your biceps, your sphincter relaxes and you’ll need a home gym to avoid embarrassment…anyways if you’re doing these pull ups after a heavy leg day, the “cramping” could just be from stretching the hammies while they’re still tight.

Perhaps get some blood pumping in the legs to prevent tightness?

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I needed to hear this. I will incorporate stretching again. I used to do the Agile 8 religiously but stopped because it’s easier to quit.

Help, I Can’t unthink that thought.

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Try keeping your legs straight for the whole lift, i used to have bad cramps during chins too, until i straightened my legs . https://youtu.be/7KG5UCkNU9U

Unfortunately that’s not an option at this time. I am doing these on a doorframe chin-up bar. I actually get ON my knees, reach up, grab the bar, and pull from a kneeled position. I am 6’2" and need a higher-rig.

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Do you cramp whenever you bend your legs? It seems like actively not flexing your hamstrings would take care of things .

My hamstrings have cramped up during bench presses. Don’t ask me why.

I had an opportunity to do chins on a high bar that allowed me to keep my legs completely straight: no cramps. I also stretched like a mofo. Thanks for the suggestions and relating experiences.

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You can always do your pullups with legs straight out infront (like an L-sit). This will have the benefit of making the movement a bastard.