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Hamstring Beginning to Pull

Evening. I have noticed over the last few weeks my right hamstring seems to have tweeked or is beginning to pull. I warm up properly by building up from an empty bar (60kg on the DL) and adding 10kg until I am at my work set then do 5x5. I can feel it pulling sometimes though when I am squatting coming out of the hole. Not so much when I deadlift though. I can’t find it with my foamroller, or even my fingers, afterwards though so I am not quite sure what to do about it. I don’t really want to stop training but I obviously understand that if my hamstring goes, I will be out for weeks, if not months.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Hard to tell if you have the same problem i have but its worth me saying incase it helps you. I used to have a constant pain in my hamstring, sometimes it felt like it was in my middle, upper, lower, or even my calf. I couldnt feel it with my foam roller or my fingers like you but i feel it more in deadlifts and only sometimes in squats. I started to put a lacross ball at different locations under my hamstring as i sat on a chair and i would flex and extend my leg for reps/ it seemed to work better and faster than rolling/stretching

Are you sure it’s pulling and not just tightness throughout the hamstring? I see being very tight in that area much more often than actual hamstring tears.

When I feel something off, I end my workout. When was your last lifting break?

It very well could just be a weird thing that you can work through, or something that just needs a few days of rest.

The rest is probably worth it.

To be honest I am not sure of the problem and there are no physios in the country I live in and those in the surrounding countries don’t have physios I would trust. It does feel like it is beginning to pull though but who knows!

I’ll try the ball under the hamstring while sat down trick and see if that helps. It may work and have some benefit. Did you ever get a diagnosis for the problem you had?

I recently had a week off as I had to travel back home with work. It is neither better nor worse than before. I really don’t fancy taking an extended period off but I also don’t fancy not being able to walk for the next few weeks. Not quite sure what the solution is.

What if you did some other activities while you sort it out? Like lower weight, more stretching, etc…?

I, in no way, can diagnose it. All I can suggest is to try different things until it feels better.

I had a ache/pull/pain in my hamstring a few years ago. I suspected it was from running. It sounds similar to yours. I was pretty diligent in rolling it out. I kept a lacrosse ball in both vehicles and would roll it around while I drove. It eventually got better.

Hope it works out for you soon.

Spend some time every morning doing active stretching, see if you can loosen it up and have it improve. Don’t push it on the exercises that you feel like it’s ‘tearing’ in the meantime.

I actually feel it is getting worse. I have stopped going to the gym for now whilst it heals. It is quite frustrating though as I wasn’t far off my personal best from a few years ago. I can’t do deadlifts, squats or bent over rows :frowning:

how did we go 10 posts without someone asking for a video?

post a squat video dude. Everyone is just guessing without having that.