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Hamsters on 'Roids


Sorry if it's a duplicate thread; I searched first and didn't find it.


Sure, some animals may age biologically faster than humans But I'd imagine the testosterone would still be in their system just as long as it would be in a human's. I bet if they waited a little longer the hamsters would tone down a bit. I could be wrong here, I'm not biochem expert.


"The behavior lasted for weeks into the adult period in hamsters," Melloni told LiveScience. "Typically weeks translates into years from rodent to primate."

isn't this the time it takes for the juice to leave their system? i don't know if half lives change from humans to rodents. if so these scientists are f*ckin morons.


Take home message- Don't give hamsters steroids!


arrrrrrrrrrrr....i'm gonna rip their heads off!

no not rage just anger. people are f*ckin morons and stuff like this makes every joe moron out there go "steroids = roid rage" where they are talking about rodents being related to kids using juice. I am all for not giving rodents or kids juice but there is limited data suggesting that "responsible steroid use" in adult males has any undesired side effects other than gaining lean body mass.

1. can you relate the effects of a human hormone on a rodent to a human hormone on a human?
2. is the increase in agression equivalent between the two?
3. was the dose equivalent between the two?
4. what aas were used?
5. what are clearing times for those in rodents?
6. would clearance differ in humans?


While I agree with that most people have said.

There are side effects in even responsible use of AAS in adult males.

But not everyone is subject to the same ones.

Some are prone to the balding, some to the acne, and some people DO exhibit "roid rage" but they were usually assholes to begin with.

Some people never experience any of it.


They don't say which steroids they fed these rodents so we don't know if it was Deca or Cheques drops.

There are serious flaws in doing behaviour studies on rodents then trying to equate them to humans. For one thing there are feed back mechanisms in humans that don't exist in animals.

Humans are social animals with complex social interactions hamsters aren't. A hamster can't understand that it's is behaving differently and other hamsters can't tell it so either.

This is classic scientific research with an agenda.

This is just like the experiment they did with a rat where fed the thing cocaine and it kept taking more and more till it died.

Of course it would, cokes is addictive and the rat has no concept of addiction therefore it has no sense of danger. It's not like coke smells like cat urine.

These types of experiments are an insult to the intellect. Unfortuneately there are lots of idiots who will think they proved something.


I've always been a strong believer that stuff like juice just brings out the person you are inside. if you are an asshole it just makes it more obvious. just like when some jackass beats up his girlfriend when he's drunk...was it the booze or the asshole that did it that you blame. you blame the asshole. if you are emotionally unstable to begin with you shouldn't do certain drugs. teenagers are frequently emotionally unstable.

another instance was when scientists 'proved' that fake breasts led to a higher rate of suicide...turns out a high risk of suicide led to getting fake breasts and actually decreased the rate of suicide and increased happiness. There are still lots of girls that get em and realize it didn't fix all their problems and make them popular so they off themselves.

Moral of the story:

take all 'evidence with a grain of salt and closely examine their methods of coming to that conclusion because they are often flawed in their assumptions.

If you're emotionally unstable don't do drugs, if you are a teenager don't do drugs, if you a hamster don't do drugs, if you are an emotionally unstable teenaged hamster don't do drugs.



On a side note...in a similar study involving squirrels the squirrels reported no testicular atrophy...