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Hampton Strength: Bench Mode


Saw a video discussing it, I like the whole powerbuilding idea too. I doubt I'll spend 40 bucks on it considering I don't know what the workout looks like. Anybody know how it goes? I know 2 weeks is powerlifting, 1 week is heavy partials, and 1 week is bodybuilding. Let me know if you know anything else about it, I would like to start a routine similar to that.


Nice to see your still program jumping.


nah I ran the Hepburn method for 3 months and saw nice gains from it honestly, but I wouldn't mind the 1 week per month "bodybuilding" for a change up to high reps to build more muscle, just a personal preference. I didn't get much bigger that's why I'm looking to this kind of thing


Not sure what the Hampton strength is but you might try "Doggcrap" style training if you specifically like the idea of "powerbuilding". That's a well thought out style that will let you progress in both strength and size if you apply it correctly. They even have a forum totally dedicated to that training - not here tho.

OR you could do the 5/3/1/ and do the accessory stuff rest paused ala DC as described in the new book.


Sounds really intriguing, the only reason I'm skeptical is I'm trying to get a lot stronger too so the 5/3/1 seems better. If I do the regular DC would my strength go up a lot?


Did you just do a 180 there? You're looking into this too much.


Yeah my fault, I wanted to look into both but I already set up 8 weeks of regular DC so I'm starting in like..an hour when I get to the gym


I wish you the best of luck with DC. That style of training is no joke and really isnt for the faint of heart, I honestly dont think I could make it through 8 weeks.


I just got done my first workout holy shit haha that was serious, I loved it though I had fun doing it. Definitley a switch up from the power training I was doing. Question though, what's like the progression with weight, how often do I increase it? And just to make sure again, all 3 sets are a rep out of a weight you can get for 10 reps? That's what I did and I certainly felt it.


From what I remember you put as much weight and the bar / machine that you can do (that day) and hit the rep ranges then smash that shit. Some days will be better than others. It's called autoregulation or some other magical name... It's very intuitive and flexible. Good day, go big. Didn't get enough sleep or ate like shit, do what you can. Don't wory about linear progression. It never works out in RL like it does on paper.I loved the widow maker sets. You pick a weight you can do for 10 times, then do it 20.. freaking brutal. I dry heaved into a bucket a few times on Squat day. I ran Dc for 6 months because I was going to a gym that had hammer Strength machine everywhere. It was great. When I went back to a westside ish routine, I was smashing shit.
You'll figure this out soon if you haven't yet. This is no time to be skimpy on the food. FOOD not fucking supplements. If you are one of these skinny jeans wearing gotta have abs guys, then DC or any real training is going to whip your butt. Good luck on your lifting man & Smash some weights.

OH, I almost forgot... the DC crowd seems to be exceptionally fucking fanatical about NOT doing flat benching. The choice is yours... Bench properly and it's not a problem, IMO. Bench with fucked up form and you're heading for a train wreck, regardless of what training style you use. Oh, and don't change shit ok. Stick with the basic template and go with it. Unless you are on the cover of Muscle and Fiction, the regular shit will work for you. Kind of like most training programs.


Good stuff, thanks. So no set weight, just throw it on and rep until I can't move for 3 sets. I'm pretty good on food, I work at a meat market for the summer so I spend most of my money there and the only supps I use are creatine, a pre workout, ON whey, and either muscle milk or up your mass as a mid morning snack I alternate between the 2. When you come off of this for a while and go back to a power routine you got a lot stronger? Great to know, I was going to switch up after the new year. No on the skinny jean and abs haha I do train abs just like DC, 3 sets right before I leave that's it. I do flat dumbbell bench not regular bench. It's fine to switch some of the exercises weekly, right? Like this week I'm doing flat dumbbell and next I'm doing incline dumbbell. I haven't found an answer for that yet, I can't see how it can hurt. Shit that's a lot more questions, if you can clarify those that would be great since you know more about DC than I do


What DC protocol are you following where you do 3 sets of something?


yeah, 1 day is chest,shoulders,tri's,and 2 back movements. Day 2 is quads,hams,calves,biceps. All 3 sets rep out with somewhat heavy weight. I read the article on it here, I think it's titled wrong..not sure if you can gain 50lbs of muscle in a year drug free. That does sound great though


What is this something like cluster training where you do about 1 rep at 90% rack it wait 60 sec and another rep? AKA Mike Mentzer type training?


This post indicates you may not really fully understand DC, especially with exercise selection, the difference between a set and rest-pause set, and such. PLEASE go read about it before you attempt to do a butchered version of it. Type Doggcrapp into the search bar, there are articles and threads about is on this very site.


You are not doing DC. Not even close. The article that was on here was this one


Read everything at Dante's website. It will help a lot.


oh shit, well I had everything right except for choosing 1 exercise each body part then doing a different one the next week like the article said. I can fix that, other than that I did everything right except for 2 stretches I forgot to look those up


You should probably spend the next few days reading before starting that program. Im not trying to discourage you, but DC is pretty advanced and as I stated earlier, not for the faint of heart. I honestly think you would be better off with something else.


Thanks for the input but I read a page on it going over everything, fixed my written routine to what needed to be fixed and I'm going for it


If you are doing 3 sets of any movement, you are not doing DC. At most you will do 2 sets, but a lot of movements are just 1 set. That's kind of the thing that makes DC what it is.

Don't just read one page and decide you have it all figured out. Read what Dante has actually written and do the program right.