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Hampton 700 Bar Reviews?


Not sure if this is the correct category, if so I apologize. I was just wondering if anyone knows about this brand and its quality, if it’s worth $90. And is it rated for 700 lbs? If anyone knows I would greatly appreciate it.


I’ve never heard of them, but here’s what I found:

Hampton’s website says:

Found this review on Amazon:


I did see that, and I will take it into consideration. I have used a lot of things before that had a few negative reviews from insatiable people that ended up being great products. I’m just looking for info from people who know about the brand whose opinion I would actually trust.


What kind of weight will actually be used on it? If its rated at 700 I probably wouldn’t put more than 500-600 personally. Its probably good enough, the good bars are more than twice that price so if your looking for a bargain its hard to argue against it.


Probably no more than 500, I’m not lifting as heavy anymore, so if the 700 on the side is the weight rating (which I assume it is) then I’m sure I’m good.


Ya, if you’re the only one using it and it’ll never have more than 500 on it then it’s probably fine. I saw some positive reviews on another site. It was just food for thought.


Of course thanks for the insight


It is probably rated for 700 static load. If you have a bit of a bounce out of a squat or at the top of a deadlift, you can bend the bar with much less than 700 lbs on it.

Bent bars suck. Spend more and get something that will hold up. Good bars are rated for 1,500 lbs.


Ya. I just picked up a Rogue 2.0 and it’s rated at 190,000 psi. It was $255 w/ free shipping.


Might not be the bars guys smash them to pieces with shrugs in a squat rack.