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Hammies Cramp When Doing Dips


Its a random thought, but my hamstrings cramp everytime that i do dips. it doesnt matter if im doing them weighted or not. around 6 dips in they start to cramp. anyone else have this problem or am i the only person in the lifting world whos lower body cramps when doing an upper body workout?

my buddies always suggest some midol and a tampon, but that doesnt seem to help hamstring cramps either.

Edit- guess i should elaborate. No i am not flexing or straining my hams when i do dips. it happens whether my legs are straight or bent around 90 degrees.


Stop flexing your hams when you dip, problem solved


really why didnt i think of that??? im not flexing them when i do dips. thats why i am bewildered by this situation


Try doing dips with straight legs flexing your quads, maybe that will help?


I have had the same issue at times and I find it happening more on BW dips because I have an arch in my back which seems to tightened the glutes and hamstings. Then weight is added my lower back rounds with the weight pulling my hips down. No scientific data , just personal obervation.


happens alot when I do chins


Do you have very poor hamstring flexibility or very weak hamstrings?
Do you get a decent amount calcium, potassium, and magnesium?


you must have really weak hamstrings

or you must be really depleted of potassium

or both.

eat a banana and drink a glass of water before you work out next time.

it never hurts to toss bananas in your shakes either.


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Are you sure you're not? I've been in your situation before, and even though I wasn't intentionally flexing my hamstrings, I think it just happened from trying to get my final reps in.

It hasn't been a problem recently, however. One thing I've done as of late has been to spend more time working out/stretching my hamstrings. My hamstrings tend to cramp up very easily, so I make sure all my hamstring exercises are done in a controlled manner (fast but not explosive concentric, relatively slow eccentric). I also stretch after every set.


I didn't say it to be an ass. I had the same issue, my training partner pointed it out when he started pushing my feet down while dipping, and he said it looked and felt like I was leg curling while dipping. I didn't even notice I was doing it.


I've noticed it once in a while when I do weighted dips. I angle my body forward and put my legs in a straight line, so that is probably part of it. It's never been so bad that I've had to cut short a set though.


have plenty of nutrients and even though i dont take a calcium vitamin i drink roughly 4-5 juggs of skim milk a week.

and i started mixed martial arts at the age of 6. i can do the splits in both directions. flexibility is definately not my issue. and my hams are really strong. i dont know what my deal is.


Maybe a Magnesium deficiency?


well i take ZMA everynight so im getting magnesium aspartate and 100 mg of magnesium from my multi vitamin.

dips are the only time that any part of my body cramps up, if i were lacking a nutrient i would think the cramps would be prevalent in other bodyparts too.