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Hammies and Lunges


I recently added lunges into my routine and I cant do them. On the first or second lunge my hamstrings start to cramp and thats it, im done.

I warm up like i usually do for sqauts deads and good mornings, but this is obviously inadequate....

Any ideas?


Yeah, if its not an injury, keep doing 'em. The cramping probably means your muscles have no idea what you are doing to them, which is a good thing. Do lighter weight and keep doing em. Your hammies will thank you later. Oh yeah, do you do walking lunges or the stationary barbell version? Try and mix it up and see what feels better.


Lounges, simply the best workout ever.


Are you doing them with weights? If so, stop. Really get the form down, taking a long, deep stride and moving dynamically (not lunge-rest-rest-rest-lunge; but lunge-lunge-lunge). A few weeks from now, when this is easy and you no longer are crazy sore the next day after 5-6 sets, begin using some weights.


I agree if you're using weights drop down the load quite a bit. Focus on your form first.

Get a real good stretch and warm up in.

Try muscle rub to keep the hammies nice and warm. (I know it stinks but it works)