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Hammie Soreness from Squats

Hi all,Im a long time lurker here(for about the same time Ive been telling myself I will train regularly).Recently I have seriously cut back on the hooch and begun a push pull type routine alternating squats and deads each session.

I squat as far down as I can-not quite atg but below paralell and I know this works the hammies more so than paralell.However when I deadlift be it two,three or four days after squatting my hammies feel sore.Not a sharp pain but soreness as in they have been worked hard.I find this strange because I do not feel them at all during the squtas.
I trained my last pull session on Friday(Im on Greeenwich Meantime) and my last push session on Tuesday and even walking about the place I can feel my hammies at the mo.Is lack of flexibility the problem here?As an aside also when I go below paralell I fell a tightness in the hip flexors.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated,thanks

Are you familiar with Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)? Hamstrings are incredibly prone to this due to improper stretching, warm ups, and the fact that we spend the majority of our days sitting at a desk which puts the hams in a position that is non conducive to recovery. I’d suggest buying a foam roller and doing some ART on them nightly.

Yes Jase I am familiar with doms.I always warm up.I will give the foam rolling a try.
The reason I originally posted was because I found it unusual that I dont feel this during squats yet they appear to be the cause because as soon as I deadlift I notice they are sore.
My job involves little sitting,maybe an hour and a half per day.The rest of the time I am moving but it is not in the least bit physically exerting.
I tend to walk a lot outside of work and today could feel the hammies even just pottering about.While I do get doms elsewhere no other muscle group is feeling like this

Try going wide and really low, you will feel them working. Hams are activated by both hip and knee movement, being hinged at both places. So as you bring your hips up/forward in a squat/deadlift, they’ll be working. Totally normal.

As for the soreness, I find foam roller and some LIGHT movement such as an uphill walk or reverse elliptical at cruising speed for 15 minutes alleviates it.

Ok Samir cheers.Should this alleviate with time because with other muscle groups the doms is now going away faster(been lifting regular for three months now) whereas its getting worse in the hams although they have hypertrophied which is a plus.

how long have you been lifting/squatting sticking to one set/rep system? I have only recently adapted to mine and not get sore anymore

Caveman I am 28 now.Been training regular last three months on this routine-in the beginning I didnt notice this but as time has gone on it has progressed.
This is not the first time I have squatted-I did about a year of karate training when I was 16.We lifted there but only back squats and bench press.lol basic training but a good craic.Injured my ribs playing football and never went back to the karate.
Also when I was 20/21 I mucked around on machines(clueless at the time) for a year or so.
Bought 100kg of weight,pullup bar,zimmer frame for dips and an ab wheel summer 2010.Watched them all gather dust while telling myself I will train regularly(always starting next week of course,lol) until August this year when I finally gave it a go,really enjoying it.As I said I have cut back on the booze big time now and feel much better,dont need that pish anymore.Determined to keep up the training

i have the same issue MM, i have been squatting between 3-6 reps for about a year and a half now, and i too have horrible DOMS in my hamstrings and adductors for much longer than any other muscles. my quads don’t even get sore anymore. i foam roll and stretch daily, and squat 1-2 times per week, but i have found no relief from it, i just deal with it.

Ditto that completely Ellis.I am using a similar rep range(4-6)and also dont feel the old doms in the quads anymore.Crack on and suck it up I suppose

stretch the hamstrings hard immediately after training

If you can’t go ATG while squatting you have an issue.

Leave the ego at the door and do BW squats ATG. Then worry about putting weight on the bar. Simple as that. Go somewhat narrower to eliminate alot of that hammie activation. You would not be able to use as much weight, but it works for targeting the correct muscles. Another reason why I suggest you fix your technique.