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Okay, I just bought a 16lb sledge over the weekend for striking. It is fairly heavy, and I consider myself fairly strong.

What in god's name would this be used for?


150lb War Hammer


Low budget Thor flicks?


Pest control.


levering for wrist and forearm strength, strongman training, sessions on the tire for core and cardio work...


Way to ruin what could have been a perfectly funny thread with an actual, serious response.



Galleghar Sledge-o-Matic impressions?


You could seriously whip ass at that carnival game where you bash the gophers as they come up.



Dude I can hardly do sessions on the tire with a 16 pound sledge.

The man that could do "sessions" on the tire with a 150lb sledge would have to be like 700lbs of lean mass.


A 16# sledge is a key to the city (anyone see SWAT?).


Funniest thing I've read in a long time.


Wife Tamer.


Correcting those who curl in the squat rack?


mother-in-law....not mine of course, I'm just sayin'...


I'd use it to intimidate the punk a$$ boys that want to date my 14 year old daughter.



grab the handle at the very bottum with one hand. hold it up high in front of yourself (like a front lateral raise) and then pivot your wrist and lower the hammer towards your nose. only using your one hand...
no spotting


jus' fo' the record tha's my fav-O-rite carny game -



Only 150? Jeez, I would have guessed him to be around 200.


So you can wear a polyester vest and not look too gay.

to test the structural integrity of swiss balls.

to permanently adjust the radio station commercial gym's play over the speakers.

Pollock Tree Chopper.


We used to do that with an 8lb. double sided axe. It's all fun and games till someone gets hurt. Then it's a sport!
I have a 16 pounder from when I used to break concrete. Still works well for fixing lawnmowers, making miscelaneous adjustments to almost anything, and is more fun than duct tape.