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Hammering out T-Dawg 2.0 details.

I’ve been using the T-dawg vers. 2.0 since tuesday, minus a Friday night cheat meal. My log has shown me to be around 70 grams of protein–and a corresponding amount of Calories (around 300)–short on average. Since I weigh around 250 lbs (at over 20% bodyfat–my lean mass is somewhere in the low 200s), my protein intake is supposed to be 375 g/day. So instead of 1.5 g/lb bodyweight, it’s turning out that I’m hitting around 1.25 g/lb of bodyweight of protein.

1. How much will this affect my progress?
2. Should I get that extra 70 g come hell or high water?

Hi, dogchild!!! Don’t worry. You’re doing fine. The 1.5g/lb is a goal or a target. There will always be a certain amount of variation, i.e., you’ll run either short or high on any given day.

And, too, there are those that calculate their protein requirements based on lean body mass (LBM).

Go off LBM, not bodyweight.