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Hammer Strength Shoulder Press


Would it be ok to use http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Od2qvbC0D_U instead of a db shoulder press? The reason i ask this is because i use to play baseball and now my left arm is EXTREMLY weak compared to my right so i kinda wanted to thing unilaterally. If i were to use DBs i wouldnt be able to increase weight by 2.5s since the DBs in my gym have 5lb increments.

Any suggestions?


It's a good machine. I can definitely use it even when my shoulder isn't feeling the best, so I think it's a good option.


Dumbbells are superior, ESPECIALLY if you have imbalances.

There are so many stabilizer muscles that dont get hit from HS machines. I experienced a massive stregth dropoff when I moved from incline dumbell press (for chest), to HS iso incline press during my baseball season.

The difference is that I moved to the less demanding movement DURING my season. Youre looking to do that in your offseason. Bad idea imo.

Why are you worried about only increasing by 2.5lbs? Press the 60s for 15 reps and Im sure youll be able to jump to the 65s for at least 8, then work from there.


because im doing starting strength and it requires me to increase 2.5lb each session.


Is Supreme Overlord Mark Ripptoe going to yell at you if employ the slightest bit of free will?


lol of course not but i'd like to follow the program as close as possible. But i suppose i could try increasing the weight everytime i get 8 reps instead of 5?


Well if you were to go to Rippetoe's forum and pose this same question, I'm guessing he would respond with a resounding "no."

Edit: Damn, you guys type fast...


You should do whatever allows you to make the best progress. That's the only mindset you need to succeed.


Ill keep that in mine


i'd go with this machine for now, then eventually move on. I used to pitch as a kid too and my throwing shoulder gave me a lot of problems when I first started lifting and used oveerhead dumbbell presses. My balance and ROM was way off due to lack of mobility in my throwing shoulder, and this machine sorta straightened me out at the start. It's like wearing a pair of braces on your teeth lol.


lol funny thing is baseball is what gave me my imbalance on my shoulder although my throwing arm is fine .

Btw you look swole man.


If your shoulder is weak because of impingement, broomstick stretches are far better for fixing the problem then using this machine as a crutch.


thats pretty common too, I just assumed that it was a lack of mobility thing in your throwing arm like what had happened to me. I wouldn't worry too much about it, I'm pretty sure one arm sorta lags 'a little' if not in strength, than in coordination.

thanx for the compliment btw, the pic probably makes me look better than I am, or so my mind/eyes seem to think that lol. Plus my love handles blend in with the wall color too lol


personally I don't think it's a crutch. It allows you to lift safely without possibly causing more injury. i.e. when you see kids first do barbell bench press and the bar is going up at a 45' angle lulz with the strong arm locked and the other arm lagging way behind. I've seen newbs nearly fall off the flat bench doing that a few times.


Where in starting strength does it mention increasing by 2.5lbs on HS machines?


Notice in my later post i mention that i'd like to follow the program as close as possible.


Dumbells are not barbells.

Dumbells also allow you to lift safely because the weakest link in your kinetic chain is the limiting factor. With HS machines, that's not the case.

Youre wrong to think that HS machines are less likely to cause injury than dumbells. That may be true if youre talking about direct injuries that occur in the gym, but using HS machines on already unbalanced muscles can further weaken the weakest links, you see where this is going.

And who said the OP had an injury in the first place? A muscle/strength imbalance is definitely not an injury. But it can become one if not addressed.

Trust me when I say this. If you have a lagging muscle group, the last thing you want to do is make a certain movement easier. HS machines should be used by people who are keen to proper lifting motions. This is learned through the use of free weights.



Dude, no offense, but HS machines didnt even exist when you were a kid, playing baseball.

I still play baseball, I use HS machines, I use dumbells, I've delt with muscle imbalances, and mobility problems. This happens to be one area where I'm very confident that I know what Im talking about.


I was only planning to use the machine until it evened out size wise btw.


lulz calm down, it's not my fault that you assume that as a 11 y/o i was in the gym weight training lulz. nowhere did I say that. When I began weight training, the effects of playing baseball were evident in my shoulder. Big difference. And lulz at the age pot shot, whatever makes you sleep better I guess