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Hammer Strength Question


For plate loaded type machines how do you count the poundages? Say i.e. an Hammer Incline press with two plates on each side..is that still counted as 225?


I would count that as 180 lbs, or 90 lbs each arm.

It doesn't realy matter as long as you're consistant with how you name the weight, so you can monitor progress.


Counted for what?

Last time I checked 4x45 was 180 lbs. If you need to write down the amount for your workout log why would record anything other than the amount you are actually lifting?

A Hammer bench machine has levers that do not move straight up and down and if you hands are further out than the weight you are probably using much less force than what it would take to bench 180 lbs... So if you are asking for ego purposes, I wouldn't get to excited.


Most machines are counter balanced so you don't lift the machine, you lift the plates. Count only the plates.
As stated above, however, count it however you want. When you improve by ten pounds, you add tens pounds to it.
Realize that what you lift on machines, whether it be plate loaded or weight stacks, does not equate what you will lift with free weights. Just because you pushed
300 pounds on a hammer chest press doesn't
mean you bench 300. That may go without saying, but you would be surprised about the things you hear.


Most of the Hammer Mach.s I have used, Have a decal on the leverage arm with the name of the type of Mach. IE Incline press etc. A picture of the movement and a starting poundage with out plates. The starting poundage varies per mach. If the mach. in your facility do not have these decals for whatever reason. If it is important enough for you simply contact the manufacturer through there web site they have the specs and it has been my experiance they will gladly give it to you.


I was just curious because I am joining a new gym and I would like to continue training H.I.T. style. So while I can use the rack to spot myself for squats and o.h. pressing i can't always get a full stretch for benching or keep up the tempo btwn movements since i don't have a training partner. For some reason I can't convince my friends that collapsing and having siezures after you workout is a GOOD thing..haha. anyways. thanks.


Maybe because... it isnt?? H.I.T. sucks in the opinion of most good coachs. Do a Waterbury program or westside or even 3x10, just not one set to failure. The studies weider did are skewed and doing more than one set is beneficial.


There ARE diff. forms of H.I.T other than what Jones or Darden has written about - it's not always about one set to failure.




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