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Hammer Strength Ground Squat/High Pull Machine


Anybody ever used one of these? I just started going to a gym I signed up for while I'm home from school, and they have one of these. I've always heard Trap Deads are a great exercise, but never had access to a Trap Bar. This seems like a decent substitute. Also, it doubles as a 'high pull' machine, and it seems to really hit the lateral delts well... but I know it's a similiar motion to a upright row, so I was wondering if this was possibly a slightly safer alternative? So anyone have any experience with it??


Never used or even seen one. Stick with the free weights and if you feel you must you could throw this contraption in at the end for some accessory work.


ah I've wondered about this one, I used it for shrugs once


I always thought that it was for shrugs?


I've used this machine to shrug but it's annoying as hell deadlifting the weight into position once your shrug strength gets up there.

It's labelled as a squat/lunge machine at my gym.


i have tried a lot of different movements using this machine, but i like the free weight version of each exercise a lot more. But if you think it might work for you, then by all means try it out.


How the hell do you do high pulls on that?