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Hammer Strength GHR


I started going to a new gym today and they had a hammer strength GHR. My old gym never had one. I decided to try the machine out and expected to be humbled. However, i easily cranked out 6 reps. So my question is, is the machine supposed to be that easy? I have heard that the hammer strength model is inferior to the elitefts model, so maybe thats why it was easy


the machine is supposed to be easier than natural ones. not sure how much easier, though.


Good for you, you have decent hamstring strength. Now do 10 reps, then add band tension or hold a plate while you do them.

The machine is easier than a natural GHR. I've never tried a Hammer Strength machine, so I can't vouch for it being easier.


My gym has a similar rolling pad model as well. I've experimented with every length and height and haven't managed to find one that lets me get less than 12 reps.


It is a lot easier than the Elite FTS model.


I tried natural ghr today and I suck ass at them, I wasnt able to get one decent rep, it was something
beetwen a push up and falling on my face LOL, wish my gym had a ghr machine of some sort.


what is a GHR "machine"???


Know that feeling. Didn't help the padding was completely shot on the stand either.


For the natural ghr, i like to use a stick and hold on to that and do my reps. Helps keep tension on the target muscles.


I guess its get better with practice, hm maybe I should try to practice them every time I am in the gym untill I get the hang of them.


I've done it 4x's in the last 6 days and I can do two good reps at this point. So it does go up.

It's just a very alien stress to the body and neurologically we have to learn the movement first. Then deal with the weak muscle group. It does suck.


x2 with the stick. without the stick for assistance my hammies feel a bit like they are going to tear on a controlled descent so they switch off to protect themselves. i'm also experimenting with band assistance. i look like a bit of a doofus but some combo of stick and band assistance seems to be working best for me with respect to activation. i got a lot of cramping to start with - but no cramping anymore. getting there...


If its 2 good reps from zero, thats fast progress. that sounds promising.


I felt also a scary stretch in my hams in the eccentric portion of the lift.


yeah. i have this crazy habit of slowing down when things get hard, too. i think it is good for activation - but it does mean that i need to be careful about not overloading or things are gonna tear. i figure it should work to get you stronger though, hey. like doing slow negative chins to get better at chins.