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Hammer grip vs normal grip


Is there a difference in effectiveness between hammer grip and regular grip in dumbbell bench press?


you mean neutral grip bench press.

run a search


Depends on what you are trying to do effectively.


you could just try and compare them but..... neutral grip will target the tri's a bit more, and be super less stressful on the shoulders, regular grip allows for a deeper pec stretch at the bottom and shoulder involvement.


Is this to hard for you to figure out on your own?


the reason i ask is because i have rc issues, i try to keep my elbows at about 45 degree angle and press them to the top to activate the chest more so to get the most bang for my buck.. will this be acceptable and limit the extent to which it hits the triceps>


go neutral....way less shoulder rotation and unless u just dont use your chest it will hit the chest fine... plus whats better an exercise that puts meat on ur tri's pain free or one that puts a lil more on the chest than tri's with discomfort. Just answer that for yourself.


I notice when I do regular grip it seems my chest wants to "widen" up more vs when I do neutral grip my chest seems to want to "thicken" up more. I dont know if that makes any sense and it is most likely not backed by science loll

The pump feeling I get from doing one or the other isnt the same


I notice that too, my guess is that regular grip stretches the chest near the shoulders more than neutral grip does.


this, and with neutral you can really squeeze in at the top, well youre actually kinda forced to, more like a cable fly, but the squeeze portion, i.e 'thickening'


i see some people doing presses with dumbbells like their were using a bar. it looks unnatural in my opinion. with their elbows all out and stuff


DB or BB ( if you have a log or football bar ) neutral grip is healthier on your shoulders if you're the kind of person that has troublesome shoulders. It also brings triceps a little bit more into the movement but shouldn't be something to take into consideration unless you have elbow tendonitis. Very good for trying to "feel" the chest working. So go for these if you just wanna build your chest.

Pronated grip (normal) DB presses, will have a lot of carryover to your flat bench press, and if you pause at the bottom of the movement it will improve your strength out of the bottom on the bench press. These are also very good to build chest but brings the front delt a little more into the movement, again nothing to worry about unless you have crappy shoulders. So do these as an accessory movement if you wanna increase your bench or just if you wanna work your chest the traditional way.

Reverse grip DB or BB presses, will in turn place less stress on your chest but more on your shoulders and triceps. It will have some carryover to the bench but not much since it's a different technique/movement. Use it to build your triceps strength.


This is the way to go bro, even Wendler does it that way.

It's technically a different, yet similar, movement so there's no reason to use barbell bench press technique for a dumbbell bench technique, same reason I wouldn't use barbell press technique on a flat HS machine.


I tried doing neutral grip incline dumbbell bench yesterday and felt my proximal bicep tendon getting inflamed ( I have a torn bicep tendon) , with a small but noticeable amount of pain. Also, I was having trouble with the 80s on incline when I normally use the 90s+...

Went back to my normal grip dumbbell bench and no pain, was comfortable, and popped out the 95's on incline no problem. I think it has to do more with what is more comfortable with you, or what you are trying to target. Since the dawn of time though, most bodybuilders have always used the normal grip for chest development though, and it seems to work well? idk to each their own


Neutral grip is the same as hammer grip.


When i started training with log 7inch diameter 24 inch wide , i put 1/2 on arms in 2 months, triceps blew up . After 15 years training and natural.