Hammer Down Program

Has anyone been using this program and if so how are you liking it? My question is it possible to add some muscle on this program? I notice there are two days devoted to maximum strength + speed strength and 2-3 days devoted to strength endurance. I am wondering if all of this is enough volume to add muscle to.

I would really like to turn the (pm)strength endurance workouts into maybe a full body hypertrophy workout 2 times a week. Would it even be possible to change the exercises and some how use those sessions as a strength endurance/ lactic acid training session that would induce hypertrophy? If this isnt possible maybe I could keep all as is and drop the stregth endurance day on wed and do a full-body workout with a higher volume , but dont know if this would work either. I have been reading here for a while but havent mastered putting all the logic together as of yet and maybe I am way off.

I really like Waterbury’s workouts and have read all of his stuff(not sure if I understand all of it though). Any advice or help would be appreciated because I dont know how to go about doing this. Shit maybe I should just make it simple and do a fullbody workout every 3 days using a 10x3 method and leave it at that I odnt know I am frustrated. Thanks