Hammer Down Mobility

You know, I’d really really really really like to see this article come out today. I’ve been logging on here every day for the past 2 1/2 weeks only to leave half pissed/half crying in disappointment. It’s been close to 45 days since Hammer Down Endurance was released. So please T-Nation, let’s see part 3 of Chad’s great series of articles TODAY!

Just a prayer,

I’m with ya, man. I’ve been waiting for this article, too. Come on CW and T-Nation, don’t keep us waiting much longer!


I await the release with GREAT anticipation!

Where, oh where, is this? This is the area of my training that I have the most trouble with. Love to read this article… I’m starting to think it doesn’t exist.

Yeah, I’ve been waiting since Endurance. Would love to put the mobility work to use.

ttt for part III

Just wanted to bump this, been a while anyone know what happed to the series never ending?

I think maybe the higher ups are thinking the mobility article may conflict with Eric Cressey’s Mobility DVD or hurt those sales.