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Hammer DB Shoulder Press?


Do you think it is better to do these with your wrists touching your biceps(ie. trying to) and your fist coing down next to your side delts?

As opposed to holding the weights in front of your front delts(like a person standing with clenched fists) and pressing them up and down in that postition?

Thank you


i think you're referring to the arnold press and shoulder press?

the shoulder press is straight up down with palms facing away

arnold press is palms facing towards you and slowly rotating away from you as you lift up


To the sides is better for delt development.

Holding them to the front is best for the muscles around the scapula which can really improve your bench press if that's a goal.


Whoops! I forgot to add that pressing them out in front is probably best if only done to about 2/3 or the way up.


is the arnold press then, also referred to as a semi-supinated overhead press?



There is no twisting involved in the movement.


Basically, you "change" grips during the Arnold Press.


will the arnold press give u better shoulder results than regular db presses?


I don't think its a matter of which one is better , incorporate both and I'm certain you see better results than just picking one.




Holding them parallel in front of your shoulders is more 'shoulder friendly'. If you have no shoulder problems, I'd use a variety of grips and angles.


Don't know about that, but arnold presses kinda helped my shoulder heal after I got overzealous with push presses back in March.