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Hammer Curl or DB Curl?


In my routine i have both db curls and hammer curls but i have a fex extra sets i can do for arms and i am not sure if i should do more db curls or hammer curls. What i am looking for is mass in my arms. Which one leads to more mass in the arm and arm growth?. I want my arms to get bigger.


Dude, they are different exercises assuming you're talking about seating or standing alternating DB curls.

Hammer curls should be more targeted at hitting the brachioradialis primarily (your forearm muscle) and your bicep as well, but it's not really the best move for hitting the biceps themselves.

If you think you don't have enough mass in your arms your triceps probably suck... they do make up 2/3 of your arm size - theoretically.


standind db curls.
They say hammer curls can make your arms appear wider as they make the biceps and triceps further away from each other. I am already hittinh triceps alot. But i am looking for growth in many ways.
Which exercises will stimulate more growth for arm size? hammer curls or db curls.both standing.


http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/mountain_dog_arms this should be sufficient.


Yeah I have read that, and used many ideas from it. But in my routine right now, for arms except triceps,i have a couple of extra sets and want the most bang for the buck for them. so i wonde if i should do more of hammer curls or db curls for arm growth. The goal here is make my arm measure bigger,don't care about peak or anything like that.


You can do every single exercise in the book and still get zero growth.
You're looking at this in one weird-ass way... Read through some of the arm threads in the t-cell or something... And check the threads in the "best of T-Nation" sticky...


Get stronger on either exercise, preferably both... Irregardless of amount of sets done... And gain some bodyweight... There you go.

The mountain-dog article is for guys who are already putting up serious poundages...


Also taking supplements like lecuine,creatine and Whey. I totally have a 110g of proetin dialy at 154 lbs. but my arms are only 14 inches

I am doing 3 arms days right now. taking 30 min each.
I do

Day 1:
8x8 db curls

8x8 Close grip db press

Day 2:
8x8 hammer curls
8x8 Pjr pullovers

Day 3:
8x8 Close grip db press
8x8 hammer curl or db curl? not sure about this one


Ok, you REALLY need to read those threads in the "best of T-Nation" sticky thread (top of the bb forum).

-> Diet
-> How this whole things works in general (what to do to get big)
-> Setup and technique on the big exercises
-> 8x8? 3 times a week? There's nothing wrong with training arms three times a week if you want, but that set/rep scheme is just ridiculous. So read up on programming as well. Actually, just read the Professor X: a request thread for now...


I'm calling troll


the thing is, i underwent a operation, and thus am not allowed to lift as much as i want hence why i am doing so much volume if that is what you mean by rediculos set/rep scheme


btw what's wrong with this rep/set scheme 3 times a week?


Another general rule is another 20lbs = another inch on the arms. So focus on size EVERYWHERE and don't be afraid to eat more. You sound exactly like my friend who weighs 155, wants bigger arms, but won't eat more.


was it a sex change?




Yes true,but i want to first achieve what i can with my wheight to the maximum


Have fun being frustrated with your lack of progress!


I have upped my protein intake to 150g, according to most articles here, even the lastest diet posted by Thibs. as long as you eat enough protein ,aminos and etc.. you can gain some muscle while getting a little leaner


That's been thrown around for a long time and I think it is more of a result than a cause.
What I mean is you don't gain 20lbs and magically you gain an inch on each arm.


The problem is that you are 154 lbs which is really small (assuming that you are of average height and not competition lean). It is about progression, heavier weights for more reps together with a sensible increase in the consumption of calories and magically you'd be big all over assuming that you train more than just your arms of course. Oh and listten to Cephalic Carnage - He's one of the encyclopedia's of training knowledge here.