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Hammer Curl Bar for Triceps


Anyone use the hammer curl (football) bar for OH triceps extensions, or for any triceps extensions for that matter? I assume it's easier on the elbows and it didn't cause me any pain, but I wanted to hear from anyone who's done them for an extended period of time.

Also, has anyone used them for shoulder press? I've had all kinds of shoulder problems, but didn't feel any pain in pressing them to the overhead position.





Do you mean one of these?

If so it's actually a bar specifically for your triceps... E.G. close grip bench, overhead extensions and such.

I use it for hammer curls occasionally...

I've also done some bent over rows with it before just to get some extra volume in at the end of a back workout.

Shoulders, meh... Imo it's handles are too close together but I have tried it.


Yea I meant to post that image and it was described as hammer triceps bar or something like that. Do you get the same sort of elbow tendinitis that you get from other overhead extensions? I wasn't getting any pain from the EZ bar either because I haven't done them in so long, so I can't really make a judgement.


I think the trap bar will be a nice substitute for the shoulders, actually. That shouldn't be too wide and it's obviously not overly narrow like the football bar.


To me, that seems like it would be harder on the elbows because of how hard you'd be gripping it. I can't explain it but if you try it vs extensions with an ez bar you'd see what I mean.


For some reason any overhead tricep isolation hurts my elbows, not like overhead press but what you're describing or overhead rope extensions...ouch




I always liked using that bar because it seemed to place less strain on my wrists than the typical EZ bar (I would do standing french presses with it). EVentually I switched to using 2 Dumbells simulatneously, and just never went back.

As far as doing delts with it,.. for anyone who has ever pressed a 'log' (big red apparatus they use in strongman and powerlifting), you'll notice that the neutral grip is similar, although possibly a closer spacing of the hands. IMO this approach always seemed to target my front delt harder than a traditional overhand shoulder barbell press would (which would target the front, but the medial heads as well)



Yea the major difference I noticed was with the wrists, but I'm still up in the air concerning the elbows.

Nothing works my shoulders like a military or DB press, but unfortunately I'm running out of options. Neutral DB presses can work, but I wanted another option, so I'm OK with it overly working the front delts.


For me I always had the most pain doing OH ext and SCs with the EZ bar. I only just did these with the hammer bar for the first time, so I can't provide any relevant information on how it affects my elbows in over time. I see what you're saying, but you can kind of get around the grip thing by putting your hands against the crossbar instead of in the middle.


True. How often do you stretch your triceps? Some extreme stretching DC style can do wonders for elbow pain on tricep movements. I think it helps to massage your forearms as well (deep tissue style).


I'm probably guilty there. I stretch my shoulders and legs religiously, but I would say only one of those stretches really touches my tris. Also, it's important that I say I'm not having any pain/issues with any triceps movement right now, but I've been there and want to prevent it from happening again.