I LOVE hamburgers and I’m planning on eating alot of 'em (5 or 6 a day) when I do my mag 10 cycle so I’m looking for some good recipes.Anyone got a good one?

i eat one a day, i cant imagine 5 or 6 a day!

I like to chop up onion and use mexican style mixed cheese tossed in the beef before you cook them. Throw it on the forman and your good to go.

Another recipe i like is using powdered french onion soup mix with a little low fat sour cream worked into the meat before you make them into patties.

I LOVE burgers too bro,here is what I do,lets base this on 1.5lbs. of meat.

-93-94% lean beef
-1/4 onion chopped small
-salt,and pepper to taste
-heathly shake of both garlic powder,and basil
-1 whole egg
-a shake of chili powder

thats its and they are tasty,if you use the lean ground like me the chili powder helps to make they juicey…enjoy!!

I eat burgers all the time!

I use ground sirloin, grill it w/ some seasoning on there, then toast wheat bread slices for the bun. Add some red potatoes pan fried in olive oil, or some brown rice, and some veggies, and that’s a kick ass tasy meal!

If you dig mustard, Stadium Mustard is the best I’ve ever had! Spicy brown mustard, it’s awesome.

try Bison Ground meat if you can find it.

Thanks guys.Keep ‘em comin’.