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Hamburgers Before and After Cooking?


Not that it matters just started wondering,

If you weight a burger before cooking and it says 100g

after cooking it will probably say something like 70 gram

And what if 100 grams of these hamburgers have 200 calories in them,

will it still be 200 calories in the burger after cooking? even tough it has lost 30 grams of weight? it's obviously water weight that disappeared, just wondering.


Well it's also some fat that comes out. Especially if you are grilling and not frying.

I believe a lot of people measure their food after cooking. But if you remain consistent, and always measure before or always measure after, you should be ok.


What BONEZ said. Stuff like this will just give you a headache and is a waste of time. Be consistent in your weighings (same for body weight, same time, same day, etc.) and you will be fine.


Use a tray or tuberware to calibrate, weigh the food after you cook it.


you can look up the approximate cals and macros for each online, depending on how you cook it