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Hamas's Boy Band



To inspire and bring hope to the palistian people. Who can help and be uplifted by lyrics like "By the shrouds of the dead we are inspired".
I bet Slayer's pissed they didn't think of those lyrics first. All about peace and love those cuddly palistinian's are.
We need a good palistinian porno next; unfortunately it will likely involve all men, just like this band.
What a bunch of fucking nimrods.


Funny, the only hits on a googling "Hamas Protectors of the Homeland" (the name of the band supposedly) are from The Telegraph. So, if anyone can verify this, feel free.

And what on earth is wrong with "By the shrouds of the dead we are inspired"? Isn't the fallen heroes something that inspires the masses? Don't you have memorials and songs all around the place to honor lost American soldiers? There is plenty to criticize Hamas about, so at least do it properly.

Meanwhile, enjoy Israel's gifted soldiers...


Results 1 - 10 of about 52,100 for Hamas Protectors of the Homeland. (0.33 seconds

I got 52000 hits. Nice try.


Yet all of them regurgitations of the Telegraph piece.

Not trying to discredit the info here. It's obviously true. The Telegraph being what it is, I'm just looking for more info.


Check ebay if you want the CD.


I'm sure there is nothing better in Palestine than listening to the latest P.O.T.H jam while rogering the little boy up the street.