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Ham Development & Long Legs


Have any of you with longer than average legs noticed that the increase in lever arms tends to make you develope a big ass and keeps your hamstrings small?

Maybe it's not that my hamstrings are small, but that my ass is just so huge.

Anyone else have this happen?

Isn't this talked about in the book John Berardi co-authored, "Scrawny to Brawny"?


It's not just me?

I'm 6'6, have long legs and a HUGE arse! Glad to see that I can blame it on long levers!


Yup, I'm bout 6'4", skinny, long legs, high ass.
I dont know if my ass is big, but it does definitely stick out, as in, its quiet noticeable. My legs are skinny too... so yes, i feel you!


Same here 6'6" and working hard to get rid of the skinny legs. I've been told "No white boy like you should have an ass like that!" by one of the nurses I used to work with.


Part of it may be in how we walk and climb stairs. Tall guys learn to walk next to shorter people so we moderate our stride. In doing so some of us use more ass (swing the leg straighter from the hip) than thigh/knee to walk.

8 inch stairs only cause us to lift our leg a little due to long levers moving farther at their end points. A shorter leg will have to be lifted higher and more thigh recruitment due to a smaller knee and hip angle like doing a deeper one legged squat.

With these two hypotheses some tall guys develop more ass because of how they walk.

Any exercise physiologists out there have any ideas?


You are definately not alone. I'm about 6?2 and have long legs, and big ass. And no matter how much Im work my hams it's just my ass that's getting bigger.

I think I'nm going to try sprints or hill sprints twice a week, cause this is sometimes annoying.


im only 6' but i have a huge ass compared to the rest of my body

buying pants is quite painstaking


I have noticed the same thing. I never really thought about why my butt seems to respond, but my hamstrings are hard to develop. I have noticed visible improvements in my hamstrings with short sprint work similar to TC's 50 yard dash article. I also seem to get better hamstring growth from GHR's. I guess knee flexion work is better for growth in my case. When I work on the hip extension function, my butt just grows.

BTW, I am 6'4" tall.


I have a horses ass as well!



why are you guys so worried about this? don't you know that chicks dig guys with nice asses?


Yeah, tell them about the nail and the hammer.


yeah same here, hams grow at a smaller rate than my ass,im 6'4 and have distictntivly long legs and shorter torso long arms also, wich makes my bench suck compared to deads. But i always get my assed grabbed by chicks while im at clubs, then i say its my turn to return the favour usually followed but by a slap in the face.


I have just something to say. I once read in an article written by C. Francis that if you have a visible gluteal fold you should be doing a lot of hip extension exercises (RDL, GM, ...).
Just a suggestion.


wow, same here guys. Iv always noticed that my arse sticks out since I started squatting. Im 6'4".

Thats weird.


I was thinking more about the whole issues and I think the solution might be to throw in some more knee flexion exercises. A "natural" glute ham raise might be a good idea since the natural variety doesn't involve hip extension.


I guess I'm the odd man out...I'm 6'3, long legs, and have 28 inch thighs. My butt is actually smaller compared to my legs.


6', long skinny legs, huge ass. My ass has actually become a topic of discussion in the dorm I live in.


I ain't worried, just sharing my experience and contributing to the topic. I like my body type and I enjoy it when girls think i got a nice ass!


The ass doesn't look so nice though when it is disproportionate to the surrounding muscles.




Here here,

Not too tall (6`) but relatively long legs and a big hip bone.

I like my big ass but I really want to bring up my hamstrings in comparison to my glutes.

One thing I personally noticed is that glutes get active approaching max weights. Doing RDL with a lighter weight doesnt activate the glutes that much. Of course lifting lighter loads doesnt help a lot in hyperthophying the muscles. But maybe a high volume / slightly lower intensity training for hamstring might induce some hamstring hyperthophy without making it appear you got silicone implants back there.

Anybody else got ideas to train hamstrings without getting the glutes bigger..?