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Halovar-- Any Good?

Has anyone here used Halovar? It’s a pro hormone that was brought to my attention by a guy at a gym I usually don’t go to. This particular gym sells a lot of supps and the guy at the desk mentioned it.

He was selling it for $75 for 30 pills (one month’s worth) and said to get them while their hot since now pro hormones are illegal.

I came home, googled it just now, and found it online for 39.95!

Anyhow, has anyone heard of this stuff? Can it be that good for 39.95?

I’ve heard of it and was thinking about trying some after I found out more but no one has given any info about it. From what I understand it is similar to the old halodrol-50 and has been around for a while. I also heard it is very dry.

Let me know if you hear anything man.

If they are illegal, then how can he be selling it (I live in Canada I don’t know these crazy US laws).

To me, it just sounds like bullshit to be honest. Every company thinks their pro-hormone is the best. Nothing OTC can be that good to cost that much. That costs more than a vial of test…

Naturally, the guy behind the desk will tell you his products are the best thing since 10-on-1 bukkake, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that he’s just trying to make money.

There’s a reason that particular steroid never found it’s way into mainstream use. Generally speaking, all the best stuff has been banned because, well, it’s the best.

The lack of human studies, proper dosing, clearance time, ester length, and the likes makes me wary of taking anything of that sort.

If you’re looking for halodrol or superdrol, then check the OTC supp’s:

Super Mastervol

Cholodrol 50

From what I can tell, they are the original compounds, but I am of the belief that the Super Mastervol has some milk thistle in the caps for liver protection.