Halovar /11-sterone Stack - What My Doc Said

So here I am, a steroid n00b. Been lurking around for a while but whatever. I went to the doctors office today because I have a blood pressure machine at my house that apparently fucking sucks, because last night it was reading my BP at 185/95. This is why I went to the doctor in the first place, and when the nurse checked it, it was 130/80. First point - Most blood pressure machines suck balls.

Now on to the 2nd point. I told her what I was taking (Halovar / 11-sterone) and then, seeing as how she didnt know wtf they were, she wen’t and researched them for a good 10 minutes or so. She came back, told me they were bad, and also said that if I just stopped them completely, 3 weeks in to the cycle, that I would be FINE. She basically told me to stop it all together with out doing a PCT. She didnt even ask the amount I was taking or anything like that. Now here’s my question - is my doc a complete idiot?
Here’s what I’ve been taking(or will be taking, seeing as how I’m only on the beginning of week 4):
Halovar: 50/75/75/75/75/75
11-sterone: 375/375/375/375/375/375

Ive also been taking Organ Shield and the usual vitamins / fish oils etc. My PCT was lined up to look like this:
Tamoxifen - 20/20/10/10 along with recycle. Will stay on liver support throughout.

Does this look unreasonable? And was my doctor for srs?? That I could now just stop taking the halovar / 11 sterone completely after 3 weeks and not use a PCT, and be OK??


Yeah I am definitely still continuing the cycle (along with the PCT), I was just surprised by her response. Kind of sad that if I hadn’t done my own research and had only listened to my doctor, it would’ve been a lot worse for me in the long run. I also got blood work done that day and everything was fine, I plan on getting more blood work done at the end of the cycle / end of PCT as well.

The sad truth is that most GP’s/Family Medicine docs know about as much about steroids as an after school special.

Goes something like this:

“Steroids are bad, mmkay?”

If you want a real opinon, try and endocrinologist. However, they will be almost as stymied, as you’re taking largely unresearched compounds. They will probably also tell you to stop immediately, but if they are smart and/or progressive in their practice, they might prescribe pct.