Hey all,

I’m wondering if anyone out there can tell me what kind of weight gain to expect from 6-8 weeks of halotestin use (maintenance diet).
I realize the question is a bit vague, but I’m simply looking for people who’ve tried it and can say what should happen to one’s weight, if anything.

Please don’t ask me to read Anabolics 2005, WAR, etc. I’ve read the books and am well aware that it’s not a weight-gain drug, but am curious about first hand knowledge.


I’m assuming you are going to use halotestin (fluoxymesterone) to bridge. I love that drug to bridge, especially with clen.

You will lose some water retention with this drug during your bridge, but the revealed muscle will more than compensate. You should also keep your strength on this drug (I did even at a lower body weight).

Like most alkylated orals, it may be hepatotoxic. So if this is a problem there are better “maintenance” drugs.

Bushy beat me to the punch on this one. Var or primo, perhaps the am dbol protocol all at least have some good reasoning behind them ie. low hepatoxcicity, relatively easy on the lipid panels, a decent number of people have tried it. Halo in tren from what I gathered are REAL similar. Except,if I’m not mistaken, Halo has more sides then tren. BOTH are the kind of compounds you’d want to take a break from after using. NOT use while you’re “taking a break”. Bad idea imo.

If you are just using injections for 10-12 weeks, and you want to bridge with halo or anavar or winstrol, it wouldn’t be much different than using these drugs as part of your normal cycle. You simply time your use differently. Of course, if you were using Anadrol as part of your normal cycle you wouldn’t want to do this.

It is a good precontest drug, and that is what some consider their bridge or time-off period. I have had good results doing this.

As long as you have regular LFT’s you can guage hepatoxicity.

Actually, I’m just using it for the strength gain, and curious if anything will happen to my weight.