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I’ve got access to Winstrol, Primo, and Halotestin. I need to gain more strength right now but not size due to the fact that I Olympic lift and need to maintain my weight class. I’m leaning toward the Halo but was wondering if anyone had a different opinion.

Stay away from Halotestin. It’s really nasty stuff, and definitely not worth the side effects. There are much better steroids out there with greater benefits and less side effects. RLTW


The only way to know if Halo is too rough for you is to try it. The Winny will work great, but I would only recommend its use orally. I would also stay away from the primo, clearance time is a little too long (five months injected is what I’ve heard). If your looking for a class one to stack them with you could use the Methyl-1-test product or if you can afford it, Oxandrin (Anavar).

I believe that since you are an olympic lifter you are looking for aggresiveness and power. I fail to see how winnie or primo in that fact would be chosen over halo. Halo is great for strength without weight gain and great for aggressiveness.

As stated earlier halo is really potent and carries a lot of nasty side effects. This isn’t a drug that should be taken lightly at all. Make sure you are educated on it first and take all proper health precautions before using it.

I agree, you have to try halo to know for sure. Primo isn’t worth it and I’m not a winny fan but some are so you can try that. Anavar is good for this purpose and maybe some masteron if you can find it.