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Halotestin experience

For anyone that has tried Halo can I hear about your experience. What did you like or not like. I know what amounts to take and for how long but one thing that I did wonder was how soon did you see your strength increase and to what degree. Did or when did your strength finally plateau?


Come one guys, just like a 10 word response.+

Heres a under ten word response:

Never used it.

Unlike most people I had a positive experience while using it in a stack with Primobolon. 20mg/day kept me hard and strong. Just be careful not to freak out on anybody as I recall a nice bit of aggression that went along with it.

Don’t recommend using it if you already have an aggressive attitude. You’ll need anger mangement classes.

I don’t know why these Halo questions have been coming up lately. Where the fuck are you guys finding this shit? It’s been discontinued and hasn’t been manufactured for atleast 2 years now. The only Halos I ever used were from UpJohn, and I can no longer find the stuff.

Oh and BTW, The stuff was awesome for aggression in the gym and gave me good hardness, but I only achieved that with 35mg per day.

I’ll spare you the long story, but I had a legal prescription for 30mg/day of generic fluoxymesterone (Halo), for several years. Nomatter WHAT any M.D. says, don’t take this shit for longer than six consecutive weeks, at least not at that dosage.
—Liver function: there really IS a reason why your AST/ALT or SGOT/SGPT are off the top of the scale, unless you have been off for three weeks before the blood is drawn. Over the years, my HDL went from 62 to 22, while my total cholesterol went from 165 to 232. In other words, my LDL went WAY up! That caused a heart attack. (Yeah, I’m stupid…)
—Attitude: I’m medium-surley by nature. On Halo, I have a perfectly uniform disposition: furiously pissed-off, whenever I’m awake.
—Strength: 30 mg. of Halo did no more for my powerlifting than 15 mg. of D-bol or 7.5 mg. of Anavar did.
—Priorities (sex above all): Believe it or don’t, 10 mg. of Testim gel does at least as much for hypogonadism as 30 mg. of Halo.
Strength & courage, y’all!
Coach Joe

‘On Halo, I have a perfectly uniform disposition: furiously pissed-off, whenever I’m awake.’


Hmmm now where can i get some…

Thanks guys! Samsmarts, you are funny.

I’m am currently taking PVL’s Halo and was taking 20mg a day, but not noticing anything, so I have bumped the dose up to 30mg a day. I only plan on taking this for the next 2 weeks. I am taking dbol and primo with it concurrently, but will be switching to a nandrolone phenlypropinate/test prop mix by Guard, and starting eod tren injects-the beginings of my next contest prep.

I’ve seen a few companies selling halo, are any of them real?

My guy gets his stuff from Greece. Before I talked to him I only thought you could find it in Mexico i.e. Stenox. If you have a new supplier or someone who is not very well connected it may be hard to come by. It was for my for quite a while. Anyone else have anything to add?

I’ve used halo for four weeks at 20mg/week, with test (can’t remember dose). Really liked it. Didn’t get angry just wanted to really rip into the weights. Helped my strength a lot. Lots of energy but hard time getting to sleep. Overall I liked it. As was previously mentioned though, don’t stay on for long.