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Halotestin Experience?

Anybody have experience with Halo? I just finished my first week of 20mg and noticed the effects more in mood, energy, and focus rather than strength. I am typically very calm and steady although I can tell my patience is a little shortened on this stuff. I haven’t had any outbursts or anything but there have been one or two instances where I had to tell myself that its just the drug making me irritable. Very interesting so far.

To me, it seems the following that proclaimed this drug as the holy grail of instant strength and aggression had overhyped it a little but I’m still impressive at 20mg. I will bump it up to 30 this week and see if I see a difference.

Btw, I’m on 250mg test e and 300 eq a week focusing on MMA and olympic lifting.

Interesting. Keep updating us please. How long you been on the test and EQ? How is it helping the MMA and OL?

Howgreat. Yes Halotestin,that drug is probable in line with anadrol50,maybe milagram for milagram way stronger.The halo is primarily a drug used by athletes that want increased recovery and moreover,strength but not at the expense of weight gain,even if it’s muscle.i personally know a jockey that is really strong and he uses halotestin,but at a lower dose,as this oral,like anadrol is quite distructive on your liver.

You mentioned MMA,yes that’s also a weight division sport.My only concern is too your liver? watch any drinking,or pain medicine that has tylenol,it’s not the narcotic,but the cut.Alot of people hurt there liver as a result of over the counter medication’s,also those pro-hormones. thank’s johnny

Ummm, thanks Johnny.

BlueCollar, I’m on week 9 of my test/EQ. I have definitely noticed increased endurance, especially after week 5. I was taking anavar at 30mg for the first 5 as well. I bumped it to 40mg but found the pumps to be too debilitating for my activities. Strength has been going up, not drastically, albeit steady. I was hoping for more joint relief from the EQ but I’m thinking the dose might be too low (not taking any AI). I have not been affected by any hunger pangs or anxiety associated with the EQ so that’s a plus. Recovery has been fantastic and I have been experiencing a euphoric feeling unlike any of my previous cycles. I have really been enjoying the cycle so far.

Thanks for the feedback. So what do you think is helping with a euphoric feeling? All I keep reading about EQ is it “kicks in” or isnt effective unless you run it for longer periods of time, so maybe the fun is still in the making for you with it?

Again, Im a HRT guy just reading up on these things…strong interest in learning about AAS

I attribute the euphoric feeling to the EQ as it is the only compound I have not taken before. And like I said, I started to feel it around week 5; it is now week 8 of my cycle. EQ is actually supposed to be better for collagen synthesis than Deca although my personal experience is not supporting the studies . Check out the thread: