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Halotestin Cycle Advice Please?

I’m a strength athlete. Been lifting for over 5 years. 220 body weight 18 % bf and lifts are squat 655lbs, bench 500 lbs and deadlift 585 lbs all in IPF gear. I would like to stay around 220 to finish out the year then move up in weight next year. Halotestin seems to do what I’m looking for but I’m looking for some advice on how to stack it. So far from what I’ve read I figure I’d run it something like this.

week 1- 10mgs 2x a day halo
week 2- 10mgs 2x a day halo
week 3- 15mgs 2x a day halo
week 4- 15mgs 2x a day halo
weeks 5-8 20 mgs a day nolvadex

Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


When is your next competition ?

Are you drug tested before, or during competition ?

Previous cycle history ?

I see nothing particularly wrong with your choice of halo…
I just dont know how much benefit that dose will be for only 4 weeks.

Im leaning towards recommending something like 100mg/week prop with tren and halo/var. But your right at 220 from the sounds of it…

If your willing to clean your diet a bit, not so much drop cals, as just eat different foods, while on the prop/tren/halo or var than you could make nice strength gains while leaning out a bit.

But if your comp is close, your going to want to go with something like just var or halo, as you already stated.

Competition is in about 9 weeks. This would be my first aas cycle so I want to keep it kind of simple. My federation doesn’t test.
Thanks for the help bro.

If your fed does not test then you would be a hell of a lot better off making the most of it IMO - and while halo is a great strength drug, AFAIK its effects are fleeting - only to be enjoyed during the drugs actions as a very potent androgen.

I may be wrong, but i think that a cycle designed to maximise your performance and recovery in training to allow you to reach new heights in strength would be more beneficial - and then use the halo during the meet to really smash those PR’s further on lift day.

This would be my angle at least. Rather than simply using an androgen to specifically increase strength on training days.

Also - i would be in favour of trying to turn some of your mass to your advantage - making your size more functional. Simply put; improve body composition.
This would be so you have the weight behind you still… as is all important in strength sports, but weight that actually contributes to your strength as well as momentum.



I think that perhaps a strength athlete cycling thread could be started, maybe even a sticky. I think the majority of AAS users, and lifters in general are more concerned with BB type goals, and cycling for these goals could vary a bit…

Thanks for all the help fellas. I think I’ve decided to go with a 12 week cycle of sten once a week and just hit the halotestin the 4 weeks around the meet. Now just to make it happen.

sten? I hear that stuff is great. Now I gotta put on my Cavaricci’s and watch 21 Jumpstreet.

Do people still take that stuff? Has DHT in it, right?

[quote]OTS1 wrote:
sten? I hear that stuff is great. Now I gotta put on my Cavaricci’s and watch 21 Jumpstreet.

Do people still take that stuff? Has DHT in it, right?[/quote]

No, it’s DHEA… plus prop & cyp.

[quote]OTS1 wrote:
sten? I hear that stuff is great. Now I gotta put on my Cavaricci’s and watch 21 Jumpstreet.

Do people still take that stuff? Has DHT in it, right?[/quote]

SAY WHAAAAT? I hope people are still takin it. Sounds like good stuff.

Thats right. My bad. I think the tight-cuffs on my pants affected blood flow to the brain.

That being said,

OP: why Sten and not a more “traditional” testosterone preparation? I have not heard good things about Sten.

^ Good question. I’m guessing it’s got something to do with his proximity to Mexico, but who knows…

I actually chose Sten because I saw it is blended with DHEA thats known to greatly decrease body fat. Just figured if The test puts some weight in muscle on it wouldn’t hurt to take off some lbs in fat. Try and stay in the 220s. What would you recomend? test cyp?

DHEA is overrated as far as cutting body fat “greatly”. As a supplement its effects are ok, but its effects pale in comparison to almost any regular AAS. Doesn’t really matter that much if you’re a) already on gear and/or b) not looking to get 2% stage-ready ripped (when you’ll need every supp known to man for all the edge you can get).

If you want to drop some fat, use a fat burner (supp, not drug IMVHO) in conjunction with the AAS. I like HOT-ROX, pick your personal favorite.

What Aragorn said wrt DHEA…

ironadict, how much wiggle room do you have in terms of weight? If you’re right there at 220 now, and you want to stay in that weight class, I see problems ahead if you’re running this cycle.

While inexperienced users generally shouldn’t get too complicated with their cycles, this seems like one of those times when you’d want to cut the test dosage and add in a “dry” second compound such as var and / or mast. If you had more experience and room in terms of weight, test plus tren A would be the way to go, with halo before your comp. As things stand now, you’re probably going to be putting the brakes on your diet on-cycle, and then frantically trying to drop water weight right before your comp.

The halo leading up to the show sounds good, just keep in mind your total time exposed to methylated orals if you make other changes to the cycle.

I disagree WTMN, i think that with diet control, AI use and moderate test dosage, tren will allow him to improve his body composition whilst adding strength.

Even dbol on cycle - while allowing weight to go up - will drop to an acceptable level by the time the meet comes around. I only mention it as i find that dbol increases my strength more than any other AAS dose for dose.

Something like:

Wk1-8 Test P 300mg/wk (Daily)
Wk1-8 Tren A 350mg/wk (Daily)
Wk1-8 Mast P 300mg/wk (Daily)
Wk1-8 Adex/Letro (Daily)
Wk1-4 Dbol 210mg/wk (Daily)
Wk6-8 Halo 20mg/day (10mg AM/10mg PWO)

Wk 8 Competition

The day of the meet you will be using test, tren and mast - you will also be using halo and an ai. The test will be easily low enough to keep water to a minimum, and there will be plenty of estrogen for comfort with the Tren and plenty of DHT and aggression. A hell of a lot with tren, mast and halo in fact!

The only reason this isnt perfect for you is your AAS naivity. We dont know how you react to test or any other steroid… Maybe before a meet isnt the time to experiment - unless you are happy to. As was asked - what weight can you be? That is very important in cycle design, but i predict with dietary control, you will be able to maintain your weight but massively improve body composition with this cycle.

Just the opinion of a stranger on the net however!



That is one succulent cycle!

Def: succulent (full of juice) if you’ll excuse the pun…

Wow. Thanks for the recomendation Brook. I probably don’t have the experience or the funds for that cycle. Again thanks though.
So update on the competition status. The 9 week out one is now canceled so I’m now planning to do one 5 weeks out. If I start a basic test cycle in the next week 500mgs per week and kick cardio in to high gear as well as clean the diet up a bit do you think I can still stay 220lb. I’m 220 now. If not how about if I start the cycle like one week out from comp. Will I benefit from the extra test but not put on weight just yet? Thanks for all your help guys.

I am planning a cycle similar to what brook posted there, though longer, and have been TOLD that its a good one for strength.

I am considering TBol or Var instead of DBol, and no masteron, but thats just a matter of personal preference, I think. I’m personally trying to keep aromatizables low, as I have similar concerns to OP. I’m pretty borderline on the 220’s though, and I may just decide to say “screw it” and just lift wherever I am strongest.

Tren, Halo, Test and Masteron all at once going into a meet… thats a LOT of androgens… can one even absorb all of that?

Also, in regards to the original cycle posted above: is the SERM PCT really needed? Everything I’ve read says Halo is minimally suppressive even at high doses.

[quote]OTS1 wrote:
Also, in regards to the original cycle posted above: is the SERM PCT really needed? Everything I’ve read says Halo is minimally suppressive even at high doses.[/quote]

You’re reading the wrong things, then. Seriously, you should be using a proper PCT even after off the shelf products (eg. hdrol, mdrol), let alone after halo.