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Halotest and Tren?


Hey everybody. I’m new to this forum, but I’ve been a lurker for awhile. I’m not new to lifting or anabolics (about to start my 3rd cycle) and am looking to do my best going in to my first powerlifting comp.

Anyway I’m thinking of running 10 weeks of tren (with a trt level test base) coming into my competition and I have a few questions:

  1. Will halo for the last 3 weeks help me boost my strength in a worthwhile way considering I’m already on tren e?

  2. Would it be easier to get a boost of strength and agression from adding in a booster dose of tren a instead.

  3. I will be at low body fat percentage and want to know if I’m at risk of drying out my joints on halo.

My wilks score is over 500 rn (539 at the end of my last cycle) witch is pretty good, but I’m hoping this cycle can really put it over the top.


Stay away from halo, try a different oral and not oral tren. Dose it pre workout and start low


do you actually have a reason to stay away from halo? I would highly recommend it, and 3 weeks is a great duration. Halo gave me better results than any other oral I"ve ever taken, in the shortest amount of time, as far as strength was concerned. If your only reason is ‘liver toxic’ or ‘cardio health’, you should say that, because that’s a risk everyone has to consider for themselves. If the dude’s potential wilks score is as high as he says it is, he’s very very strong and lifting at a high enough level that one would assume he’s willing to take risks for his sport.

OP: Now I’ll address the wilks thing with you… You don’t have a wilks score until you do it on the platform. Period. You’ve never done these lifts under competition conditions, so until you do that, your wilks score is 0. This is a general concept that almost all competitive lifters agree on.

Yes, halo can do a lot for you in a short period of time, regardless of what you’re taking. I was actually running tren e as well the first time I used it, and it made an ENORMOUS difference. One of the best orals out there.

Adding tren a is not necessary. if you want more tren in your body, you can just up your dose of tren e. i mean, there’s no real problem with adding the ace in, but i think you’re overthinking that. if i had to choose between adding tren a, and adding halo, i would definitely do the halo.

as to your 3rd question, that’s such an individual thing. I don’t think halo itself will cause that sort of problem. And whatever other compounds you’re running are relevant to this question.


Ok, I have another question, that isn’t particularly important, but I’m so curious. What weight class are you competing in? And is this raw, raw with wraps, single ply, or multi ply? That’s a hell of a wilks score if raw.


Thank you. And I get what you mean. I guess gym maxes would be a more appropriate term. I go to a powerlifting gym though so the I followed competition form.

Raw, with wraps. I did it at my current weight, 160. but Im higher bf than I intended to be and am willing to cut 10-15 lbs for the meet. I have an extensive background in weight class sports (MMA, wrestling, boxing) so I don’t feel that should be too much of an issue with 24 hour weigh ins.

Thank you for answering my questions. Do you think orals are dangerous while cutting water.


I’ve never completed but I’ve been training like a powerlifter for about 9 years now. Lol yeah I know you probably heard “first meet” and gym lifts at 500 wilks and did a double take


Why stay away from halo? Ive done bol and Winny before. Liked bol but it will effect my weight class more than my total. And I quit Winny after 3 weeks because it dried my joints to shit.


Yeah I think halo sucks…not enough of a reward. I do like dbol/win by or drol/var. If you really want a boost get some cheque drops lol that will fire you up. Also I honestly don’t care but this is his 3rd cycle and I’m sure he can still pull from food or something less harsh. Just my 2 cents.