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Hey guys, what do you think of Gaspari nutrition Halodrol-50, some have speculated and said it is chemically similar (almost identical) to Turinabol, I was just wondering if anyone had thoughts as to what would be good to use in conjunction with it as well as appropriate PCT.


Very interesting.


Novadex XT for PCT.

Wonder how it compares to Superdrol.



Hey what's up fellas? Listen I am about 5 days into taking the Halodrol...and I like it a lot, i really haven't experienced any side effects..other than maybe a slight headache from time to time...but nothing major...does anyone know if you can take Anabolic Xtreme(superdrol) with this??? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I just wanna put on as much weight as i can...help me please!!!


hmmm, that is funny this post came back up, I am going to run halodrol and possibly superdrol together, and use tamoxifen for pct after it is all said and done...


its gyno in a pill, many members on this board have tried it and very few have anything positive to say infact i know a few got gyno from it.


I didn't get gyno from SD, and I had some good gains. I'd never stack it with Halodrol unless I had a replacement liver lying around.


Halodrol is stronger than SD. Together is just insane.


Gyno in a pill huh? That comment is just down right scary, I have read some of the posts about people getting delayed gyno from it... i am not sure if I should take it, there was also someone talking about getting delayed gyno from Halodrol!?! Hmmm, I don't know, I am thinking about doing this, I have generic tamoxifen citrate in 10 and 20 mg pills, should I get some arimidex and letrozol as well in case after my cycle and PCT I do have gyno symptoms?


i will be taking SD as well, but not halodrol, if SD is taken correctly, from what ive read you should be ok. However halodrol all i hear is horror stories.


Split: You give no evidence to support your claims regarding gyno. Without that (and recommendations on how to remedy the alleged side) you are only contibuting to the problem, not helping your Bro's (And likely ticking off Italian-American BB'ers...Careful, Gaspo's pisanos may send a few hairy forearmed slope brows to break your legs/:wink:


Gaspari Nutrition is a quality company and the Halodrol-50 is certainly one of the best in the crop of post-ban prohormones.

The formulation is so good in fact, that the Washington Post did an expose that "The supplement, which is sold under the name Halodrol-50, contains a steroid that closely resembles Oral-Turinabol, the principal steroid used to fuel East Germany's secret, systematic sports doping program, according to Don Catlin of the UCLA Olympic Analytical Laboratory."

Do not make false claims that this product "causes gyno" because you are either ignorant, heard a rumor, or too stupid to plan a proper cycle and pct.

Upon release of this article by the Post, Gaspari ceased manufacturing of the 't-bol-ish' version and then made a less potent second batch, with a different chemical composition altogether. Finding the legitimate first batch is just slightly easier than finding MAG-10, however the second batch is rather common.


Didnt mean to start a flamewar, ive just heard alot of bad things about halo. My next post backs up my claim somewhat, its all just my opinion. Id steer clear of it personally but to each his own.


Here snake, here is some posts:

For why it was banned and investigated:

Gyno symptoms in a t-mag user:


And there are countless on other boards that i wont mention. You also asked me to help people to avoid gyno. The first thing i would suggest is DO SOME RESEARCH. The second, after you research , would be to obtain some decent PCT such as nolva/clomid etc. And if you already have GYNO than i would say letrozole is the way to go. Heres a post i stole from T-Nation user lattimus:

Here is what Anthony Roberts has to say about that the use of letrozole with gyno
"...here's one of the most interesting things about Letrozole:

It may reduce/eliminate/reverse existing gynocomastia!

In a study conducted on mice (*no, I know it's not perfect), gyno-like-changes in the mammary gland were totally destroyed ! Here's a direct quote from that study:

"Our results also indicate aromatase overexpression-induced changes in mammary glands can be abrogated [destroyed] with very low concentrations of the aromatase inhibitor, letrozole."(7)

In addition, I've used Letro to get rid of my own gyno, as has a friend of mine, and we both used it at a dose of 2.5mgs/day, tapering down to .25mgs/day, and then finally off ... the gyno never returned in both our cases."

Is this post more along the lines of what you were looking for blacksnake? And in keeping with what you said, not trying to start a flamewar, just giving my 2cents. I myself have purchased SD so dont think im against these type of products, just halodrol seems like bad news to me and ive done my research on these products and will begin taking my SD when my nolva arrives in the mail.


Notice what the fellow in that one thread who had gyno from halo used for his pct? Didnt seem to work out so well for him


Your on the right track there mike, but i think a little more research is required before you jam all those chemicals into your system. Sorry i didnt see your post earlier.


Man, I read the top two out of those three links prior to this, and I am just debating it. A lot of the guys who used halodrol and got gyno after wards were not using real SERMS or AI's, just OTC shit that has very little positive affect supposedly...

I am going to do it, and perhaps procure either letrozol or arimidex in case anything like that does come up, either of those takes awhile to reach a therapeutic level in your bloodstream though, right?


make sure to get a good SERM such as nolva/clomid. Let us know how it goes. I myself will be taking superdrol in the near future and will also post my results. Goodluck.


i have friends who take it and have no such side effects. they take it with prostanozol from anabolic extreme and had great results i myself just started the same cycle. but it is important to find a good liver supplement witch i am still looking for. milk thistle just aint enough


I just thought I'd share this. I don't have any links to back this up, but I just got an email today from a supplement retailer that said Gaspari has stopped producing Halodrol-50. It may be just a gimmick to get you to buy up their remaining product but I doubt it.


Just wanted to say that I'm taking Halodrol-50 and Superdrol right now stacked and taking 3 pills of milk thisle to protect liver, and for pct I have rebound XT, I'm only one week into this cycle and I've gained 3lbs...I've done this cycle before for a month and had no side effects and i gained like 15lbs pure lean muscle, and kept every bit of it even after two months of nothing but working out and protein. Both supplements are great..Halodrol-50 is better indeed but stacked together is awesome!!