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Halodrol-50 Experience?


There's a local supplement store that has recently obtained a shipment of Halodrol-50. Apparently there is a Washington Post article that claims a scientist discovered traces of Oral-Turinabol and Madol in the product. Does anyone have any experience with the stuff? I was considering buying some but it's relatively expensive and I'm wondering if the Post article is simply creative marketing.


I was talking to the owner of a supplement store, and he said the company was pulling any unsold product off of store shelves, before the DEA got wind of it and ordered them to do so. I know of knowone that has tried the product, and there may be very few now.


I've only personal known one person to take Halodrol. He paid a shit ton of money for it and he gained was about 2 pounds... in his tits! Yea.. all he got was Gyno off of the shit! He now has to go get surgery to remove it! IMO that shit is for stupid kids that want to get big, but don't want to workout. If you gonna do something, do the REAL THING! Also, at 5' 7" I would also wait until your well above 200+ lbs. to even think about anything like this.


Persoanlly I believe it's a marketing ploy anyway and probably offers nothing more than a placebo effect. However, I ain't Brokeback so if your buddy currently wears a 34C due to Halodrol I'm out...