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Halo Pre-Contest?

Anyone ever use Halo Riding into a show?? I was thinking of running 50mg a day from 10 days out to the day of the show. I’m currently at 6.1% BF and gunna be dropping injectables 5-7 days out. Running 1mg Adex// 20mg VAR// 50mg Halo right into the show to give me that dry hard as a mother fucker look. Although I think I’m already there :wink: 2.5 weeks out

Sauna today

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Looking lean buddy, good work. I would start with 10mg 3x a day

Yea 50 seems a bit high to me. But I’ll give it a shot. Start at 30 and go from there. I wish I had some T3 on hand but I’m broke as a joke after all my contest dues. And I have clen I’m starting back up at 2 weeks out (this Saturday) so I’m not all too worried about it.