Halo Methyl Dianadrone

I just started using this supplement purchased in a local vitamin shop. It is labeled as a pro testosterone amplifier. The clerk also said you could really “feel” it hit you in about 30 minutes after ingestinf a capsule.

I tried it and it really gives you a CNS jolt. Aggresion and increased concentration more than a feel good jolt that one got with the venerable Biotest 4-AD.

This Halo methyl dianadrone does increase strength dramatically and does not seem to make one retain water. I am stacking it with Carbolin 19 and Alpha Male. It has a definite positive effect.

The concern I am having is that there seems to be no information on this drug out there. I would appreciate any info or input from the T-Nation concerning this drug. Thanks.

Done a search on it. Can’t find any reviews, I guess because it just hit the market.

If it is working for you…keep going.

Mr. A. Roberts? Will you please step out of the car? LOL.


[quote]JWpushheavy wrote:

Mr. A. Roberts? Will you please step out of the car? LOL.


I got a kick out of that too.

Do a search for Vyo-Tech’s 17-HD.
Bunch of funny herbs, and HOLY SWAMP DONKEYS BATMAN, Ecdysterone! Smilax! Wild yam!

…check it out. I’ve never heard of the other things in there before, though. Unless one of them is some great new test booster or something, I doubt this is a good product.

Also, I saw the word “drug” was mentioned.

This is not a drug, but rather, a pseudo-roid name for the proprietary blend of crap they put in it, in order to catch your attention. Naming shit like this (pharmaceutical sounding) has become all the rage these days for supplement manufacturers to capitalize on the “WHERE’S MY ANDRO?!” crowd.