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Halo Log

Ok guys lately there has been a lot of talk surrounding Halotest. So starting the first week of January I will begin an experiment cycle of Halo lasting 4 weeks. I have run halo before but never tracked the day to day progression or took note of the pro’s vs. cons of usage as it applies to lifting. This thread will probably be more beneficial to powerlifters than bodybuilders but hopefully informative to all who wonder about this compound. Sadly the log will lack blood work before hand but will have it after.

Goals will be:

Whats the minimum effective dose.
Whats the maximum effective dose.
Aggression/anger at different levels of dosage.
When my lift numbers go up, how long will they stay/ or retain afterwards
Hardening/vascularity effects
Blood Pressure and Cardio effects

These will obviously be ball park dosage numbers as I only have 1 test subject…Me.

If I left something out or something you wondered about and would like to see added to goals let me know and I will try an add it in if I can.


cool. What are you stacking it with?

Be running test at 800 and mast at 500 a week. No tren as it would obviously defeat the purpose of the experiment. I do not experience any strength gains with mast either. I get noticeable strength gains at a gram+ a week of test so I’m keeping it under that. Im not leading up to comp or anything.

Nice looking forward to this

I just front loaded the test e/mast e 4 days ago, so today i decided to get a little base line reading before any of my gear was really up and running through my system. Took 10mg this morning and another 10mg at 3pm for my 3:30 workout.

Good Mornings
Few barbell rows

  • zero noticeable strength or endurance gains, until they end when I started abs and heavy reverse hypers. The Halo kicked in about an hour late.

I began a very painful superset: 45% decline sit ups
reverse hypers w/Efts Heavy Viscous Band around neck and 2, 45lbs plates hugged to chest.
Ab blast with fall out straps.

This went on for like 6-7 sets to failure. It hit me all at once and damn I just kept going harder and harder each set. loved it. That was 6 hours ago and now I feel like I was tied to a tree and Albert Pujols had batting practice on my lower back!

As far as sides go had an overall above average day emotionally and mood wise. No real aggression just a perceived focus to the task at hand. Good day, felt great.

Will take next gym dose appx 1 hour before starting time.

Switched to slin pins today for my end of week injections. Traps, Tri’s and chest, 6 shots total. Went smooth and I think I may have found my new favorite way of delivery. Front loading will still have to be done the traditional way but over all, I wish I would have started these a long time ago!

Jan 2nd, took 10mg in morning and 20mg 1 hour prior to workout. I will finish out this week at 30 mg total to gauge effectiveness. Should be in full swing by friday.

Day 4 at 30mg. No noticeable strength increases on the big 3 lifts but accessory working weight has jumped up and I seem to have more gas in the tank for extended workouts. Benched this morning and just finished my squat session. A little moody but I think its more to do with the fact that I’m starving and I missed a lift at the end of my squat workout.

Nothing negative so far, heart rate and BP in the norm. Im thirsty all the time though!

Monday I will go to 40mg per day.

ok day 7or 8 at 40 mg, nothing great to report. However after reading my post on “Dbol at 21”, I think i might be getting a little, shall we say, “snippy”

Day 11, Halo at 40mg a day. 10mg morning, 20mg 1.5 hours before workout 10mg after dinner. Final seeing strength increases on a day to day basis when lifting. Nothing crazy but def easier to have harder workout. Running sheiko right now and found that Im actually adding weight on many of the sets as i go through a workout. Even on days where I have drastically cut my caloric intake it seems to have no effects on workouts.

As far as strength increases go I would say 40mg would be a base dose to start from. As far a cutting purposes go, I noticed lean out and hardening at 20 and 30mg daily. I think a month at 20mg would have little toxic affects to the body(thats half recommended dose) while giving vascularity and hardening affects.

Sides after a week at 40mg:

Slight headache at the base of the back skull/top of neck area. Slight though nothing major, almost like its sore or you tweaked it after heavy shrugs or something.
Im freaking thirsty all the damn time.
Sore throat. I think it and the hydration are related. One of the major sides to look out for is swollen throat. My is not, its just sore.
Im sleeping lighter than normal and less but it doesnt matter, hasnt affected workouts.
Bleeding. No nose bleeds as of yet but I pinned traps, chest and a delt yesterday and had major blood leakage out of all but one peck. Very bright blood. All of this is to be expected because of the reduced clotting factors related to Halo. (Side not if you work around heavy machinery, chainsaws or get shot at, this not the drug for you as you will probably bleed to death if you had a serious accident.)

Increasing to 50mg Sunday.

The halo has come to an at 60mg ED. Throat is so sore and beginning to swell. Another big thing is I cannot literally stay hydrated and its affecting training and recovery. Im at 3 gallons a day and piss it out faster than I can get it in.

I did not find running halo for an extended period worth while. I noticed leaning out and vascularity increases at only 20mg a day. So for me this drug has a couple of great intended purposes. As a low dose addition to help with cutting, vascularity and hardening before a comp or starting it say 3 days out from a meet around 40mg. After 40mg a day I saw no additional strength or endurance increase.

Sorry this thread was not near as exciting as I had hoped. I think that there are way better choices for the goals of most AAS users unless you compete.

Thanks for the thread. It was informative even though “not near as exciting as you had hoped”

For me personally I learned that anadrol gives me better strength gains as well, but this Im sure can differ from person to person.