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HALO: Combat Evolved Aniversary Edition and GEARS 3 (Spoilers)


This might be very old news for some of you fellow geeks, but I just found out about it this afternoon.

Microsoft and 343 industries (company named after 343 guilty spark from original Halo game and set up by Microsoft to oversee the Halo franchise after splitting with Bungie; many of the folks who worked on Halo while with Bungie moved over to 343) will be releasing a graphics revamping of the original Halo 1 game. Apparently this was released last month in June during the E3 convention...I've been so busy that I had lost track of this.

To me, this is fantastic news. The 1st Halo was the best game for me; the gameplay, story, and newness and freshness of the concepts was awesome. I've always wanted to replay the Halo campaign again....but have become too much of a graphics snob to put up with the old game. With this refreshing, I will definitely be reminisiing and playing it again! The original 7 multiplayer maps (back then, multiplayer was not over XBox LIve, as that didn't exist back then) will be part of the package but will use the Halo 3 engine...so it will be similiar to the Halo Reach multiplayer feel...just on the original revamped maps.

343 Industries apparently is not saying...but Halo 2 might also get a graphics revamping as well in 2014 (10 years after the original) which is great. I always liked Halo 2 multiplayer the best.

As for Gears of War 3, I can't believe it, but there is already spoilers out there on YouTube for the campaign AND multiplayer. I unfortunately got drawn into these knowing that spoilers were in there.. and I have to say, the campaign looks great. The developing story looks great too! I won't watch anymore spoilers, but the 1st few scenes from act 1 look great.

I HAD to take a look at multiplayer too, as there were rumours of Gridlock map done at night. And it is fricken gorgeous.

Looks like this fall is going to be set up for alot of gaming!!!


Yea I'm looking forward to H:CE also but probably not going to play it til the price drops. Halo 2 maybe. That game nearly ruined my love for the series. If anything needed a remake it was that game. They should have just done the two of them together. I love halo and all but as for Halo 2, this is beyond beating a dead horse.

I liked how expansive the environments were in the first game.



Might as well lead you there.


Please tell me this ain't true! Halo CE is perfect the way it is and needs no graphics/engine overhaul. I still think the graphics are beautiful despite being old. Halo is a classic example of vintage gaming that will stand the test of time, and I have played it many times over on legendary difficulty without getting bored. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

They should just focus on expanding the halo franchise no rewriting classic games.


fwiw to you, you can revert to the original mid game without exiting.


Silliness. I played it back in the day, I honestly don't see a reason to play it again.

I am, however, very much looking forward to Gears 3.


I am considering getting a 360 just to be able to play Blood Gultch with my old college roommates over XBL. Those were some good times linking 4 xboxes over a LAN to get 8 on 8 action.


Srsly... I have never talked so much shit in my entire life


You don't have to buy the updated version. The original game is available over Xbox LIVE and you can probably still find a copy at your nearest GameStop. I re-played Halo: CE a few months back, and it is still as great a game as ever. I'm still looking forward to the updated version. It looks pretty amazing from what I've seen.


This ^^

Me and my buddies would run an ethernet cable across his entire house from the living room to the bedroom where his PC was so we could find games online, then have to run back out before they started when we finally found one. LOL


Halo... meh.


I loved Halo CE. I've always loved exploring the maps landscape> I became an expert on finding great hiding spots for snipping during multi playing.

It'd be interesting to play it again with enhanced graphics.

And I can't wait for Gear of War 3. The trailer and screenshots look incredible.


I thought that was the best part of E3. Microsoft pushing Kinect...snore. Sony pushing 3D....snore. Nintendo pushing a tablet controller for an updated Wii...snore. 4 Halo games? Hells yeah. I just hope they enable button mapping so I don't have to be a tard because i'm so used to Black ops. Best part of the Halo remake: $40. Worst part: uses Reach multi. For me, Reach was bad.


This is how I felt about every Halo after the first one.


This is how I felt about every Halo after the first one.


I too loved the original halo. I think its retarded that they are revamping the second bc the story sucked. The only good thing about it was the online. That should be their priority as halo 2 comprises most online activity of the last thee installement's in the series. Can't wait to play sidewinder on live :slight_smile:


I played the Gears 3 beta, and thought the following: the double barreled shotty was simply too powerful! It should be a power weapon to try and get. The retro lancer was THE medium range weapon to use....very very powerful bullets.

Gears 3 beta multiplayer was really fun...but truth be told: I like the graphics of the original Gears 1, the control, and the gameplay. If they simply just used the servers and better netcode of Gears 3 for Gears 1 graphics, that would have been fine with me. Favorite map: I simply loved Rooftops and Garden.

I agree with folks above indicating Halo 2 story was not that great. But the multiplayer was the very best...the maps were great. I too did not really like Halo 3, ODST, or Reach multiplayer that much.