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Halo 3


Im not exactly a huge fanboy of the franchise, but these vids look sick. 4 player campaign co op plus new vehicles and weapons is a recipe for mad fun. Check out how they pause gameplay to pan around and out to absorb the whole scope of the scene. Pretty sure they mentioned thats not just a developer tool but an actual in game feature.

Not really too souped up on the MP as I dont really care for the jump and shoot style, and havent put much time on my 360 in general this year to really get into MP for any game. But still overall looks like a winner for sure.



I got it at midnight. It was actually better than I expected, and I had high expectations.


It's getting pretty good reviews:



i cant fukin wait pickin it up right now


Damn. I thought my thread died. I have a copy in my car right now, gonna play tonight after the gym and have more input. I hear you on the rest of the fall lineup, thats why I rock trade ins at gamestop/EB. Thats the move.


I have the game, but no 360...and it's special edition too...cries


My 360 crapped out while playing GH2 yesterday >:frowning: so I get to wait quite a while before Halo 3. I can't wait for the Orange Box tho. I'm just gonna pick that up for computer since I know a lot of people who play counterstrike. I haven't heard too much about Jericho. That's the new Clive Barker one, right?


I'm holding out. I don't think it can be better than Gears, though the campaign does look promising.


Well at least you can wear that helmet.


Awesome game online is sick as well as single player they out did my expectations


On par with Gears, no doubt. Arguing against either one is like pitting the Mona Lisa against the Sistine Chapel...both are absolute masterpieces and the height of game-making. Go buy Halo 3. You won't regret it.


I'll be picking it up without a doubt once I get enough time to play some of the other games on my list first.


Played it today. Flat out awesome and a ton of fun. The campaign is fairly short (me and 3 buddies finished it on Legendary today in a co-op mode), but damn the multiplayer is just sick. It beats its predecessors, no doubt.


So I played for a few last night. Single player, co op, and mp. Its fun, but the hype machine was way out there. A tip, if your going to play co-op make sure you play far enough that you hit a RALLY point, not just checkpoints. The video feature should be part of every shooter going forward, although some of the functionality is only enabled for MP.

But if your not a fan of the franchise and dont spend all that much time on xbl than you dont 'need' this game. Its a rental. Honestly, most casual gamers wont even get into the forge function, and without that its really halo 2.5. Rainbow 6 did 4 player co-op already, and very well, and Gears offered more in the "HOLY SHIT DID YOU SEE THAT!?" department for me. But still a fun game nonetheless, and Im sure itll have alot of replay value.


+1 to that review, I rented it on the way home.

I play more by myself than over LIVE, so single player has to be good.

I'm impressed with the visuals the game looks great, but its still Halo, like you said Halo 2.5! After about an hour of the Campaign I took an hour break....which I'm glad I didn't buy it since I could put it down after an hour. The little aliens did look alittle darker from Halo & #2, but still felt kiddish after Gears of War.

I wish you could go 1st person or 3rd person, I mean once you grab an emplacement(gatling) gun it goes 3rd person so why not make it switchable since its already there? I think thats my favorite is 3rd person with the scope function like G.R.A.W., Gears, and such. Rainbow6:Vegas isn't bad with the lean up on walls effect, I can play the shit outta that game especially with my custom head using the Vision camera.

I am really happy with Halo, that when you look down you see legs, I hate 1st person shooters without legs!! Basically a floating gun with arms, I think thats piss poor programming.

I don't think I'd be pissed if I bought Halo3, but I think I'd rather buy BioShock or The Darkness instead. Bioshock is such a fuct up game, all I can think of is being in a haunted house with a gun!

If you haven't played The Darkness and have access to a HDTV shame on you!!! LOL! That game is by far my favorite right now, the beginning is insane and the chopper camera showing whats going on as you do it on the TV is really cool. Chilling with your girlfriend and getting Gamer Points for it, and not expecting it was cool too. The graphics impress the hell out of me on that one, just as did Gears.


Orange Box looks great and is coming very soon, next month I think.

Yeah Jericho is the Clive Barker one, did you download the trailer? I could watch a 2 hour full length movie of that animation if it were a movie. The ghost things looked kinda weird but man the close ups on the girl's face were awesome.


Couldn't have written my personal synopsis any better. Very nice analogy here.

In my mind, Gear's graphics are WAY better than H3. I haven't tried the H3 multiplayer yet, as I'm quite sure I would suck at this point.

If it wasn't for Gears, I would probably say H3 is the snizzle. However as another poster wrote, it does seem a little kiddish compared to Gears. Now that's not a bad thing, it just isn't something I prefer anymore.


I just finished the H3 campaign, and it was good, especially the story. Overall though, I have to say Gears is superior in terms of graphics and multiplayer gameplay. And this is apples and oranges but I really find the 3rd person view to be superior. Overall Gears>Halo3.

I would be interested to see which one has sold more and if Halo3 is paced to outsell Gears if it hasn't already.


I've been playing Halo3 on Xbox Live with a friend and I think this game might get me back into video games........ I haven't seriously played in 2 years. Real fun game.


God I want to play this game, but I don't want what comes with an addictive game. I played WoW-yeah huge nerd- but if any of you have seriously played and have now quit you will realize my reluctance to get into another good game.